by Pastor Stephen Baxter
Published: 12/11/2021 (3 weeks ago)

Associate Pastor Position Description 

Position Title: Associate Pastor
Ministry areas: Assisting in pastoring the church
Time/week: Part time – to be negotiated
Reporting to: Senior Pastor
Start Date: February 6, 2022
Remuneration: Pro-rata in accordance with Tasmanian Baptist Guidelines
Term: 2-3 years negotiable 

Purpose of Position
The Associate Pastor serve alongside the Senior Pastor in pursuing the vision and mission of the Church. 

Responsibilities and duties: 

  1. To be an effective team member who “makes every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3); 
  2. To focus on Pastoral Oversight 
  3. To contribute to the 10am service, including planning, leading and preaching 
  4. Oversight, care and growth of the 16–40-year-old Caucasian segment of the church 
  5. Participation in regular meetings of Baptist pastors and teams from the Greater Hobart area and Tasmanian Baptist events as agreed. 

Personal Development and In-Service Training
The scope and demands of this position will require continual development in the following areas with appropriate time taken to ensure this occurs: 

  • Personal devotional life, prayer and intercession 
  • Teaching and preaching skills 
  • Ongoing research and study in contemporary trends in theology and missiology 
  • Management and leadership skills 
  • To be mentored by an agreed mentor. 

Compliance with the Professional Development requirements laid down in Tasmanian Baptists’ Guidelines for Healthy Churches. Some financial aid and time allowance will be made available on a negotiated case-by-case basis. 


  • Some experience working in a Baptist Church 
  • Aged in their 30s or 40s (perhaps up to 50) and possibly married with a family 
  • Qualifications such as a degree in theology/ministry 
  • A recognised pastor with Tasmanian Baptists, or able to be 
  • Able to work with the younger age groups 
  • Some administration and technology skills 
  • Teaching and preaching skills 


Church Profile

Hobart Baptist Church (HBC) is a city church located a few blocks from the CBD of Hobart. For nearly one and a half centuries HBC has been a witness of Jesus Christ and ministered to the people of Hobart – from the destitute to parliamentarians, from convicts to new immigrants, and more recently to people from around the world. We are an inter-cultural, inter-generational church. See our website 

We exist to make Jesus Christ known by growing devoted witnesses for him. 

We dream of a church prophetically serving the city of Hobart. 


  • We value life by celebrating God and his abundant gifts, and sharing the good news with others 
  • We value growing by encouraging each other to deeper spirituality and wider influence 
  • We value each other by putting God and others first, and agreeing it is not all about ’me’ 
  • We value our heritage by being faithful stewards of all we have received 
  • We value our city by giving thanks for its beauty, praying for its welfare and serving its people 
  • We value our future by being salt and light in our community, empowering each other to good works and raising tomorrow leaders 
  • We value grace by forgiving others, living a life of repentance and seeking justice. 


Our history
Our story begins with the formation of the first Baptist church in the Australian colonies in what was then known as Hobart Town. It was a Strict and Particular Baptist church. A new, open Baptist work inspired by the work of Charles Spurgeon, began in 1883. The first church eventually joining this new work. Over the years, the church has faithfully served the city of Hobart and has included among its members mayors, parliamentarians, business leaders, and a federal cabinet minister. 

Our leadership
The life and ministry of the church are overseen by a diaconate, currently consisting of nine people who meet monthly. We are served by a senior pastor, multi-cultural pastor, an artist-in-residence and a ministry apprentice, all in a part time capacity. Our senior pastor also serves as the Mission Director for Tasmanian Baptists. 

Our facilities
Our ‘Tabernacle’ was opened in January 1889. The double storey hall behind it was built first. A 1928 building next to the ‘Tab’ was purchase in the early 1960s. A redevelopment completed in June 2021, has significantly upgraded the facilities to enable community engagement. This includes a new foyer, meetings rooms, coffee shop, kitchen and toilets. Plans for upgrading the 250 seat ‘Tab’ are in progress. 

Our Congregation/s
Hobart Baptist Church is a multi-generational, multi-cultural and diverse church drawing people from across the city of Hobart. We love God and each other and long to see people come to know and follow Jesus. Currently we meet at 10am followed by our Karen service. Around 100 people attend each. Also, under our ‘umbrella’ are the faith communities of Mabuhay (Filipino) and Church With No Walls. 

As well as supporting ministries such as Mabuhay and Church With No Wall, we engage an artist-in-residence to work with us in connecting with city events such as Dark Mofo. Most recently we launched our Luminous Festival which included an art exhibition, community conversations and our Christmas in Winter celebrations. 

Our location – North Hobart
The church building is located at the southern end of North Hobart on Elizabeth Street. We are a block and a half away from the popular North Hobart restaurant strip with its State Cinema and in walking distance (5 blocks) from Hobart’s CBD. 

The median age in our area is 33 which is younger than the rest of Tasmania (42) and Australia (38), this is due to a larger than normal 20-35 demographic. Just over 72% were born in Australia (Tasmania 81%, Australia 67%), with 27% married (Tasmania 46%, Australia 48%) and 57% never married (Tasmania 34%, Australia 35%). Just under 50% are couples without family (Tasmania 43%, Australia 38%) with 29% of couples both employed (Tasmania 17%, Australia 22%). 30% are tertiary educated (Tasmania 12%, Australia 16%), 33%