When:  Saturday, 2 April 2016
Where:  Windsor District Baptist Church
739 George St
South Windsor
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Assembly MINUTES 2016 148th Annual Assembly

Welcome & Devotion

 Vision and Strategic Priorities (Inc Belinda Lakelin interview)

David Brown Award Winner


Discipleship Taskforce Update


Director of Ministries Nomination


Finance Report and 2016 Church Contribution Budget


Assembly Business


Matters for Annual Assembly – 2 April 2016

Any affiliated church, Assembly Council, Morling College Council, or any affiliated group may bring a matter before the Annual Assembly to be held on Saturday 2 April 2016.

For a matter to be considered by the Assembly, the affiliated church, the council or the affiliated group needs to give not less than two months’ notice in writing before the date of the Assembly of the matter to be considered. This means that notice of the matter should be sent to Jenny Casey, Secretary to Assembly Council assemblycouncil@nswactbaptists.org.au by 2 February 2016.

If the matter consists of a proposed motion, it needs to be provided in writing and accompanied by an explanatory note. The motion may be moved at the Assembly by a person nominated by the affiliated church, the council or the affiliated group (as the case may be) provided that person is a member of Assembly.

Assembly 2016 Documentation

Baptist Assembly Guide 2016

Notice of Motion – DOM Appointment

2016 Nominees


Notice of Annual Assembly Email

Nominations Email

Assembly Council Nomination Form 2016

Profile of the Nominee – Assembly Council Proforma 2016

Property Trust Nomination Form 2016

Profile of the Nominee – Property Trust Proforma 2016.doc