SRE Pastor Information

Your Role

Pastors have an important role as the Baptist Association’s authorising Agents. 

The SRE Interview

Another part of your responsibility is to interview SRE Teachers and other SRE representatives as appropriate. This interview is a way of testing the suitability of a person to teach SRE and we’ve prepared a checklist for you to use. Click the button for a checklist designed for SRE teachers. This can be adapted for other SRE representatives as needed.

Combined Arrangements

Where there are SRE teachers working together from different churches you will also need to fill out the Combined Arrangements (Cross Authorisation) Form and hand it to the school. This can be something that is done by liaising with the SRE Coordinator of the school or the local SRE board. 
This form can be viewed here.


New for SRE in 2019

There are a couple of new things for SRE in 2019. These include a checklist to authorise all extra resources that are not a part of an SRE curriculum, the concerns and complaint flow chart, concerns and complaint policy, complaints & concerns form and a curriculum form. To access these please click on the following buttons.

Observation (Module 6)


As a pastor/minister you may be asked to conduct observations for teachers in your local area. All observation forms can be found on the training page of the website.Being observed is an important part of being involved in SRE. Not only does it assist teachers in their development as an SRE teacher, but it also helps us to review what is happening across the state in SRE. We use this to help inform our training and support that we offer for teachers.

Other Questions?

 If you have other questions please check out our FAQs page, check out the other pages on the website or feel free to email us directly at