2021 CCLI Renewal

Dear church leader,

The Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT has negotiated a Denominational License Scheme with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International Pty. Ltd) for Church Copyright Licenses, Music Reproduction Licenses, Church Video Licenses, Song Select Premium, and with Heritage Films for Big Studio Movie Licenses.


What are these licenses?


CCLI Licenses:

There are seven types of licenses being offered:

  • Church Copyright
  • Church Video
  • Music Reproduction
  • SongSelect Premium
  • Public Performance
  • Church Streaming or Streaming Plus

The Church Copyright Licence gives permission for reproduction of lyrics of songs during church services. Includes projection of lyrics; printed bulletins, programmes; legal audio and video recordings which include singing; digital copy activities.

The Church Streaming Licence gives permission to stream or podcast live or live-recorded worship service music on the church’s website or other streaming services. Alternatively, the church can opt for an upgrade to the Church Streaming Plus Licence for more authorisation.

The Music Reproduction Licence gives permission for making copies of sheet music from a songbook, a downloaded PDF from a website, an enhanced CD or from SongSelect.

The Church Video Licence for public viewings in your church of all, or any portion, of a film from over 360 major producers and thousands of movie titles.  This includes a free subscription to Screenview with hundreds of clip and movie suggestions by theme.

The Public Performance Licence allows for public performances of live music at non-worship events such as youth groups, choir or band performances, social and Christmas Carol events.

SongSelect is an online resource featuring the lyrics of thousands of songs, sound samples, chord charts, lead sheets (melody line) and vocal sheets (up to 4-part harmony). Included is a music player, to play the music on the lead sheets and hymn sheets, and to transpose the music. The SongSelect Premium Licence allows full use of their resource library including sound samples, lyrics, lead sheets, chord sheets and vocal sheets.

Refer to the website for further details http://au.ccli.com/ .

Big Studio Movie License:

The Big Studio Movie License enables you to screen any films from some big producers like, Walt Disney, Roadshow Films, Warner Bros, Sony, Icon, Hoyts Distribution, Studio Canal, Hopscotch, E-one, Madman, Rialto, Palace Films, Transmission and Pinnacle Films, which are currently not covered by CCLI Video Licenses. To see if you need the Big Studio Movie Licence, please make enquiry at https://church.bsml.com.au/contact


These licences cover 1 Nov 2021 – 31 Oct 2022.

The benefits
The benefits of the Denominational Licence Scheme include the convenience of one annual renewal date for all CCLI licences, and the advantage of bulk purchase discounts on the licence fees being:

Church Copyright Licence

Save up to 26%

Music Reproduction Licence

Save up to 14%

Church Video Licence

Save up to 23%

Big Studio Movie Licence

Save up to 18%


All prices are GST exclusive.


To participate in this scheme for 2022 (being 1 November 2021 to 31 October 2022), please complete your purchase through our website, with full payment by 1 October 2021. Late applications cannot be accepted due to CCLI and Big Movie Studio deadlines. 

Due to Covid restriction and safety measures, we will not be accepting cheque payment.

If you have any question, please contact us at ccli@nswactbaptists.org.au.  


Kind regards, 

Heidi Tak
Team Leader – Operations