Church Partnership

We commonly use the language of association or being a movement of Baptist churches. One of our greatest challenges  is to draw together as a diverse and often disparate association of Baptist churches into a unified, purposeful movement that can carry the weight of God’s desire to advance the kingdom and transform our nation. We are an association well positioned to spearhead the advancement of the gospel in our state because we carry a unique capacity to express missional, theological and ecclesiological diversity yet remain well grounded in scripture, faith alone and the empowering of the Spirit.

We have a grand vision of growing to 1000 healthy churches in a generation and such a vision has great strategic significance for the generations that will come after us. As we look to their future we remember that we are planting trees under whose shade we may never sit.

This vision, not to mention all the benefits of ongoing partnership, require the support of each local church. Putting aside a portion of offerings to contribute to the work of the association and Baptist churches across NSW and ACT.