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 Please note- if you are using this training but seeking authorisation with another provider please check with them what are their requirements for modules you may need to complete.

How to submit responses?

When you have answered the questions you need to click the SUBMIT QUIZ which is in GREEN TEXT. DO NOT click the blue button as it does not submit your answers. This is just a local saving feature if you choose to return later. If there is no quiz to complete please click complete lesson button.

How long will each module take?

Each of the modules will take approximately 1 – 1 and a half hours to complete if done properly. Please ensure you read/ watch everything provided in each module. Fast forwarding, rushing through or skipping segments will not be helpful in your training to be an SRE teacher. Take your time to absorb information, take notes. It will be important for future reference. It is obvious by the questions people get wrong that they didn’t hear/read important information but raced ahead to get the module finished. Please don’t sell yourself short- do it properly the first time!

Please note certificates are not auto generated. If you require certificates for your provider’s records please email request to

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