Church Partnership Support Budget Contribution

As an Association of Churches, we understand that we are Greater TogetherEach year we ask our Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT to help us plan ahead effectively by providing us details of what they will be contributing to our movement.

Church Partnership Support Budget is a big part of ensuring greater support and development opportunities in almost all key areas including: leadership, administration, church health and youth and children’s and families are provided to all church no matter their size or internal capabilities.

The support your church provides aids the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT allows us to provide expertise that many churches would not normally have access to and this reduces the workload in many churches. These combined resources cover many of the more technical areas of ministry such as Human Resources, taxation, licensing, standards, WHS and much more. It also enables us to provide assistance in creating safe churches and ministries and support during difficult times in church life.

We are looking at sending our Church’s Partnership Contributions invoices and Long Service Leave invoices by email later this year to try and reduce our carbon footprint. Please help us out by letting us know the best email to send these to by filling in the form below. Please note that the LSL invoice contains sensitive payroll information.

Please complete the form below to adjust the contribution.