Cross Cultural Ministries

BA-Website-Small-CrossCulturalWe are church congregations who love the Lord who loved us first. We read His word, and obey His commands. As Baptist churches, we have a mission to reach others with the Gospel, especially those who have come to us and are still coming from all over the world.

Immigrants who have arrived as refugees, seeking a safer place to live, away from wars and persecution, or who are seeking a better life and a brighter future, or are uniting with other family members – many of them are introduced to us every week. They come from various countries and speak different languages.

As Baptist churches, we open our doors and hearts for them and try to help them in every way possible – socially, psychologically and spiritually. We minister to them, especially those who come from non-Christian backgrounds.

We are also doing our best to help them join the local Baptist churches. But those who cannot speak English well enough or cannot easily blend with a new culture that differs to that where they were what brought up in, find it a bit difficult. So, we recognise and respect their needs and help them establish their own churches, where they can worship in their own languages and use their talents and abilities, by which they can serve the Lord among their own communities.

We have great expectations for the “second generation” immigrants, who more easily blend with the mainstream churches. Many younger people from these communities are studying at Bible Colleges, preparing themselves to minister here in Australia and in other countries.
We are here to love and to serve and to rejoice in the Lord’s promise:

“And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Acts 1:8