Baptist Churches across NSW and the ACT continue to respond to the disasters of recent times: effects of prolonged drought, destructive bushfires, and now the recent flooding in NSW.  Our churches have provided for the immediate needs of disaster-affected individuals and families, supported local businesses, replaced damaged items, enabled access to mental health services, cleared trees from properties, and much more.  We are grateful for the local expression of support that our churches have provided and how they have also tried to look after the longer-term recovery needs of their communities.

The Baptist Association understands that its churches are uniquely positioned to support communities for the long-term and that best practice in disaster relief is to work through local players at the local level. There is a strong commitment from the Association to do disaster response and recovery work through the local church as that church engages in local mission.

Disasters come and go but the effects of those disasters linger for a long time. If communities are not supported, these effects can create long-term issues for the communities, placing them in very unique and vulnerable situations.  Our desire as the Association of Baptist Churches is to enable our churches to respond to disasters in their local communities using their strengths and in ways specific to the needs of their communities.  In doing so they are “carrying one another’s burdens and fulfilling the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)

Our Disaster Relief Fund has enabled great work to happen across our network and is available for any church within the Baptist Association to access who is assisting people in need because of a disaster.  No doubt as the coming weeks unfold, this will include responding to the recent devastating floods.

Your generosity towards our Disaster Relief fund means we can be engaging in disaster response and recovery work where it’s needed most. Visit OurStory to learn how our Disaster Relief Funding is being used by churches across NSW and the ACT thanks to your support and generosity!


All donations made to the Disaster Relief Fund are tax deductable. 

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