BYM State Conference 2021

BYM State Conference is an intentional time focused on building relationships with pastors and leaders, fostering community and connection with likeminded people, praying with and for one another, sharing of ideas and resources, inspiration, refreshment, and ultimately being reminded of who we are and who we serve. It’s about calling leaders and emerging leaders up to all that God wants for and from us for the year ahead and into the future. Over the years this event has grown to be one of most significant ways that we invest in the younger leaders in our Baptist Association in NSW and ACT.

2021 Theme: Road Map

Will you join us at State Conference in 2021 as we explore our theme of ‘Road Map’ so that you, those you lead, and the ministries you oversee, might indeed be all that He intends? Each of our speakers and electives are seeking to provide insights and inspiration into how we navigate the road ahead.

How do we navigate the way forward?

How do we as leaders operate in way that is faithful to what God desires, as well as makes sense in our ever changing world?

How do we respond holistically to the needs, fears, and questions from those around us?

How do we ensure that we aren’t doing all the work but ensuring we provide equipping and training for leaders around us?

For more information on the program, registration, electives or testimonials visit: here.


02 - 04 Feb 2021


Times vary depending on the days
10:00 am - 6:30 pm
The Ministry & Learning Centre


The Ministry & Learning Centre
Level 1, 5 Saunders Close Macquarie Park NSW 2113
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