Leadership Conversations 2021

Leadership can be a somewhat unenviable task in our world today.

With so many leaders failing to live up to the demands of their role – personally and professionally – how can we be women and men of faith who exercise leadership in a biblical, sustainable, and effective manner?

We as a Baptist Association see a movement raising and empowering Kingdom-focused leadership.

We see a culture of leadership development across our movement.

We see ample mature leadership allowing churches, groups, organisations, and new initiatives to flourish.

We see healthy leaders serving our churches and groups with sustained vitality.

We see leaders equipped and supported for their roles in the broader community.

Leadership Conversations is about continuing to equip Christian leaders in their roles on topics that are timely for the current season. Just as times have changed, our approach to leadership needs to also adjust. The Association shares the conviction that leadership both today, and into the future, needs to be far more conversational. We need to listen well to the needs, concerns, hopes, and ideas of those around us rather than make decisions in isolation. As leaders we need to be in conversation, and we need to foster ministries, churches, and organisations that see this approach develop in the leaders around us. As always, our program reflects our theological convictions and as such we have invited a number of experienced, learned, and faithful individuals from a variety of different contexts to speak into our formation as leaders.

Leadership Conversations is a day most suited to those working together in ministry teams, organisations, or churches, who are wanting to be more effective in this roles at leaders. 

Why not join us for Leadership Conversations? 


Theme – Next

In 2021 we will be joined by Kylie Butler, Manager Director of the Christian Coaching Institute whom has served as pastor, leader and coach with many organisations in her career. Kylie will share insights into the theme Next and will delve into preparing for what is next to come.

Registration and further details will be released in the new year.


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04 Aug 2021


Doors open at 10am
10:30 am - 3:30 pm
The Ministry & Learning Centre


The Ministry & Learning Centre
Level 1, 5 Saunders Close Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT


Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT
(02) 9868 9200


  • Kylie Butler
    Kylie Butler
    Managing Director, Christian Coaching Institute

    Kylie has served as pastor, leader and coach with many organisations. Kylie’s passion is to help Christian leaders take the next step. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation is an Professional Certified Coach and has a CertIV is Business Coaching, Diploma in Christian Leadership Coaching and has logged over 1300+ coaching hours. Kylie has studied Business at Monash University, Theology at ACOM and her Masters (in Church Practice) through Eastern College Australia. Kylie is married to Adam and has 2 children (Toby and Lily) and they live in Melbourne, Australia.

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