Jesus the Game Changer

Church Campaign to Reach Your Community in 2018

Karl Faase and Olive Tree Media released Jesus the Game Changer in 2016 for use in local churches to engage people in conversations about the person of Jesus. Most of us have no idea how revolutionary Jesus was in His day! This series looks at how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world 2000 years ago and why it still matters for us today.

Topics include the equality of all people, women and children, leadership, education and health, democracy, forgiveness and more.

Here are some comments from a church who has recently run Jesus the Game Changer:

“I didn’t realise how radical Jesus was!”

“Loved the community feel and discussion in small groups.”

“ Enjoyed watching thoughtful people grappling with the issues raised by the course.”

“It gave me much more confidence talking to others about my faith.”

Register your interest asap below and jump on board for 6 weeks of evangelism and outreach for our denomination in early 2018.


The Jesus the Game Changer Church Campaign will be run over 6 weeks leading up to Easter in 2018 and will include:

  • Preparing for Jesus the Game Changer video – released to churches later in 2017 so that your church can start planning events
  • Six short videos (5-10 mins each) to be played in services during the campaign introducing each of the topics
  • Wholesale prices on purchase of DVDs, digitial downloads and discussion guides (the full discussion guide is also available on a free app)
  • Radio advertising – encouraging people to attend a local Baptist Church to find out more about Jesus the Game Changer
  • Invitations for personal use and letterbox delivery
  • Banners for your church

“For at least the last five years, St Nic’s has run an Alpha Course every Spring term. This year we decided do something different and ran a brand new course, Jesus the Game Changer. Jesus the Game Changer, like Alpha, is designed both for people who are exploring faith and for people who want to be refreshed in their faith. However, whereas Alpha works through the basic building blocks of faith week-by-week, Jesus the Game Changer looks at how the teaching of Jesus has impacted the world in different ways. Each session is made up of a very professionally produced documentary film, followed by discussion questions in groups. As with Alpha, we began each evening with a meal.

The course was very popular, with over 50 people for the first evening and numbers remained steady throughout the course. There were a range of guests from people with no Christian faith to those who had been Christians for many years. Interestingly, a number of people who had done Alpha in recent years, joined the course and found it a helpful way of thinking further about the teaching of Jesus. It is thought‑provoking and faith building.”

– Leadership Team at St Nic’s, Newbury, UK

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