As a movement, we are focused on intentionally identifying, discipling, raising up, giving opportunities to and supporting both pastoral and lay leaders to attain the goal of ‘A thousand healthy churches in a generation’.

The Gen1K Leadership Development team has responsibility for raising up pastors who are leaders who operate with servant, pastoral hearts. It is charged additionally with the task of identifying ways of fostering intentional lay leadership development in the churches of the movement. This leadership development must happen across the generations. It needs to happen across ethnic and cultural lines. It must happen intentionally and urgently. It must happen at grassroot levels.

The Gen1K Leadership team is involved in the development and implementation of strategies and approaches for building the personal and ministry effectiveness and health of NSW and ACT Baptist pastors.

They work strategically in providing advice, resources and training for pastors and churches through the provision of:

  • Supervision and support of ministerial candidates during the period of their training, and beyond
  • Guidance to churches and pastors regarding the processes around pastoral placements.
  • Leadership training that aims to sustain the health and effectiveness of Baptist pastors in NSW and the ACT
  • Provision of pastoral care strategies and resources for Baptist pastors and their families in NSW and the ACT


Followers of Jesus are to be making disciples. It is to be at the heart of what we do and spans the whole spectrum of faith development from pre-evangelism to winning others to Christ to identifying and forming new leaders.

The Baptist Association of NSW & ACT identifies the making of disciples as one of its core values. The Association has articulated the following as one of the “Big Six” 2017 – 2019 Strategic Objectives: “Encourage and support the development of a disciple-making culture across all generations throughout our Association.” A Discipleship Advisory Group works towards giving legs and hands to this objective.

The Association aims to produce new resources to promote and resource discipleship in the local church. We focus on strategies to encouraging disciple-making in our churches by:

  • Identifying and networking leaders and churches who are doing discipleship well
  • Promoting effective disciple-making strategies to our pastors and churches
  • Championing disciple-making as a key aspect for all our gatherings
  • Acting as a hub for those seeking disciple-making resources


November 2020 – Pastors eNews

Hi Pastors and Leaders, At our recent Annual Assembly I shared from Psalm 42.  It is a Psalm which, within a few verses, canvases discouragement, intimacy with God, deep distress, and unshakeable hope in God.  It is a good Psalm for 2020 – a year of enormous...

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October 2020 – Pastors eNews

Hi Pastors and Leaders, Welcome to the October 2020 edition of the Pastors e-News. Congratulations on getting this far through the year! There isn’t too long to go and 2020 will, thankfully for most, be history. However, we are keenly aware that the Christmas season...

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September 2020 – Pastors eNews

Dear fellow Pastors and Leaders, Welcome to the September 2020 edition of the Pastors e-News.   Since the last e-News, we have lost some significant leaders within our movement, which include the likes of Vale Dr June Henrich and Marilyn Kime.  Both women served our...

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August 2020 – Pastors eNews

If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it.Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.1 Cor 12:26-27   As this enews hits your inbox, Victoria will be just over halfway through...

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June 2020 – Pastors eNews

Hi everyone, There is much going on in our country and world that captures our attention and prayers at this time, and rightly so. We give thanks for the continued improvements in Australia with respect to the COVID pandemic and the consequent opportunity there is to...

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February 2020 – Pastors eNews

Hi Pastors and Leaders,   Welcome to the first Pastors eNews of 2020. It has been a whirlwind start to the year and I am aware that across our movement we have churches who have been deeply impacted by the bushfires, drought and floods.  I would like to thank...

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December 2019 – Pastors eNews

Steve Bartlett Director of MinistriesDuring the Christmas & New Years holiday period the Baptist Ministry Centre will be open during the following hours: Monday 23 December - 9am-5pm Tuesday 24 December - 9am-5pm Wednesday 25 December - Closed Thursday 26 December...

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November 2019 – Pastors eNews

Hi fellow pastors and leaders,   Welcome to the November ENews.  I trust this information is helpful to you and your church as you engage with the ministry opportunities in your context as Christmas approaches, and look towards 2020.  Can I particularly draw your...

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October 2019 – Pastors eNews

Steve Bartlett Director of Ministries State Youth Camp 2019 was an incredible time of fellowship, fun, worship, teaching and seeking after God. Throughout the camp we saw 30 youth groups connecting together for activities, prayer and growing relationships as they...

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20th Anniversary of Accrediting Women

Our Association accredited its first female pastors 20 years ago this month. We honour and thank the women who over the last 20 years have taken the journey of pastoral accreditation as they pursue God’s calling on their lives.

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