As a movement, we are focused on intentionally identifying, discipling, raising up, giving opportunities to and supporting both pastoral and lay leaders to attain the goal of ‘A thousand healthy churches in a generation’.


Our mission:

As part of the Association’s Gen1K Vision, we exist to foster a culture of exponential leadership development across our movement, supporting churches to RECOGNISE, RAISE, RELEASE and RESOURCE healthy leaders from every generation who will advance the Gospel by word, sign and deed. 

Our team incorporates Accreditation and Recognition, Baptist Children & Families, Baptist Youth Ministries, Baptist Special Religious Education & Regional Leadership Development Teams. 


Our Ongoing Leadership Development Opportunities

Our Monthly Leadership Newsletter
Insights: News – the new Association resource delivered to your inbox 

Insights: News replaces our Pastors and Leaders Enews from prior years, and sits alongside our revamped monthly Insights online gathering for pastors and leaders.  You’ll continue to see helpful information and resources in this new format, Insights:News will have additional content that we trust will equip you in leadership and mission in your church!

You’ll see here encouraging stories from our churches and updates of what’s happening in various areas of our movement’s life, including our affiliated groups, so you can stay up to date.


If you are a Baptist leader – Lead Pastors to ministry leaders, Associate Pastors to administrators – do not miss this opportunity to invest in your leadership development. Be intentional in setting aside time to fellowship and grow with other Baptist leaders as we journey together to our Gen1K Goal of 1000 Healthy Churches in a Generation.


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