Matching grant $1=$2!

Every dollar you donate will be doubled.

The Baptist Association of Churches in NSW & ACT have committed to a goal of growing our movement to become 1000 healthy churches in a generation (GEN1K). Underpinning this commitment is a focus on church planting, leadership development and resourcing you and your church to be effective stewards of the Gospel in your area and ministry. Our belief is that we can have a greater positive impact on the world around us when we partner together. 

Believing in this shared GEN1K goal, a generous donor has come forward to help us make it a reality. This is in the form of a ‘Matching Grant’ – they will match every new donation made to the Association dollar for dollar. This means that for every dollar you donate before 31 December, another dollar will be donated to the Association’s GEN1K goal. 

Your donation will directly support initiatives to deliver on the GEN1K goal with a focus on church planting and leadership development across our movement. For example:

  • Building church health
  • Supporting church leaders  
  • Resourcing church plants 
  • Providing safe ministry training and certification 
  • Equipping Children’s, Youth and Young Adults ministry 
  • Resourcing Local and Global Mission 
  • Caring for and supporting the most vulnerable in our communities 
  • Supporting church administration 
  • & much more. 

Help us to extend these activities and keep fees for services heavily subsidised or free so that all churches in our movement can benefit. 

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