Gen1K Missions is a comprehensive mission vision overseeing local and global mission, church planting and community facing ministry within and by our association of churches.

Local Mission

A goal of our movement is for every NSW & ACT Baptist church to be linked to a church planting project in some way, either directly or indirectly. Church planting is exciting, risky, challenging and rewarding as we see God work in new ways in the lives of people. As we give ourselves to the mission of Jesus in the world, our own lives and those of people in our churches are enriched.

The church planting team provide a range of resources and ministry to the association including:

  • Events and training
  • SENT Church Planting Certificate with Morling College
  • Church planter assessments
  • Facilitating mentoring/coaching
  • Financial and administrative support
  • Researching potential new areas for planting
  • Researching new planting models
  • Support, advice and resource is for regions to plan and pioneer strategically
  • Support, advice and resources for churches in the planting of new congregations
  • Ensuring the care, accountability, and support of planters
  • Facilitating healthy working relationships between existing churches and new church plants
As part of our goal and vision commitment the Baptist Association has appointed an Evangelism Consultant. This role promotes and develops increased local evangelism engagement amongst the Association churches.

The Evangelism Consultant works with church leaders and key ministry leaders assisting them in creating a faith-sharing culture, increasing confidence in the gospel, training in personal evangelism and empowering those gifted with evangelism.

In our current context the church has been pushed to the margins of society and many Australians have little or no contact with a Christian, let alone the institution of church. In this context it is vitally important that we set aside time and resources to imagine and plan what our embodiment of faith beyond the walls of the church looks like – in both local communities and in broader public conversations.

The Public Engagement Group (PEG) serves the Association by developing and implementing strategies to deliver on our vision to see the Association impacting our society, culture and world. The group seeks to equip, resource and enable our churches, the Association team and our affiliated bodies.

The PEG primary activities include:

  • Helping churches and their members to be more effective in engaging social issues through education, training, providing access to resources and developing action opportunities
  • Developing the collective public voice of the Association
  • Brokering opportunities for collective grassroots action
  • Providing Biblical/theological reflection on key issues
  • Supporting key leaders and communicators making public comment on issues of importance
  • Developing processes for engagement with key political leaders
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Improving coordination across the Association and affiliated bodies – Australian Baptist Ministries, BaptistCare, Baptist World Aid Australia, Global Interaction, Morling College and others
  • Identifying and developing strategic partnerships with other groups in church, civil society and the marketplace.

Global Mission

The gospel is good news for all people in all places at all times and a core understanding of (and commitment to it) is crucial to the health of the local Church.

The Global Mission team can support your church to connect with cross-cultural mission through the following resources (and more!):

  • Preaching at services or church camps
  • Helping you develop a strategic plan around local and global cross cultural mission
  • Advice on how to do a ‘cultures audit’ in your local community (called, ‘Bringing Global Mission Home’)
  • Identifying and equipping women and men for global cross cultural ministry
  • Tailored events and intercultural conferences
  • Connections with experienced cross cultural workers and candidates
  • Detailed understanding of least -reached people groups and specific ministry locations
  • Regular and detailed prayer plans
  • Online resources including videos, children’s ministry, small group studies, sermons and notes, apps and young adult ministry
  • Engagement with the wider Gen1K Mission Team and resources

The team is available to work with you in planning for short term cross cultural engagement (called ‘Global ‘Xposure’ – Short Term Visits and Opportunities) trips.

  • Setting a vision
  • Communicating the need
  • Recruiting
  • Fund-raising
  • Training the team (including culture, team dynamics, language acquisition etc)
  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Legal Issues
  • Itinerary
  • Next step options

Longer term opportunities (one month to two-years) discernment and development is also available to appropriate candidates.

A two-year Young Adult (18-30ish) cohort-based mentoring pathway and program to inform, inspire, equip and engage cross-cultural opportunities in Australia and around the world. This program includes mentoring, facilitated input sessions and a deep dive into a ‘least-reached people group’ with experienced intercultural practitioners.

The Global Mission Team is here to provide input and pastoral advice for those considering a cross-cultural call.

The team also provide guidance for local pastors to create an environment where identifying and developing those with a cross cultural call is a normal part of the Church’s discipleship culture.

  • Pastoral Care
  • Mentoring
  • Learning and Development Formation
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Cross Cultural visits
  • Ongoing Professional Development


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