Revitalisation Resources

Following are a few resources that might be helpful in your journey of revitalisation.


Seems cliché but nothing of significance happens in the absence of consistent, God-dependent prayer! Ministry without prayer is arrogance! Revitalisation is after all a work of God. Jesus called us to make disciples – it is His job to build the church.

Baptist Church Consultancy Process

We have trained consultants available to assist churches in various ways, one of which is Church Revitalisation. Each consultancy is developed around the specific needs of each individual church so it is suited to being “tailor made” to your church’s specific situation. It is fairly cost effective as consultants do all their work in a voluntary capacity. There is a small administrative fee and travel costs to cover.

Ministry Support & Development (MSD) Staff

Maybe an obvious resource are the very experienced MSD Staff working out of the Baptist Ministry Centre in Epping. They are available to advise and work with churches as they come to grips with the challenge of Church Revitalisation.

National Church Life Survey (NCLS)

We are so privileged in Australia to be the home country for one of the worlds’ largest and most definitive church health surveys. Definitely plan to be part of this incredible resource when it comes around again in 2016.

Apart from giving a snapshot of your own church’s health it can show where your unique differences, or challenges, lay in comparison to other Baptist Churches.

It often takes a while to get the results after the major surveys but when they are completed any church can retake the survey for just over $100 and get results back in about 3 weeks. This makes this resource one of the best ongoing ways to check a churches health, noting areas of growth and decline.

They have some great resources developed specifically around identifying areas needing attention.

Natural Church Development (NCD)

This comes in a similar category as NCLS on the next page, except is it done over a world wide perspective. Many churches have used this as an ongoing way to monitor growth in specific identified areas. It gives a numerical score for each of its 8 areas. It is slightly more expensive than NCLS and uses a representative group of about 30 responders from each church. This can be quite effective if not done as a simple “one off”. There are people who are accredited as NCD Coaches to help churches work through their results.

Other Churches

It might seem simplistic but other churches that have travelled, or are travelling, the challenging journey of Church Revitalisation in its various arenas (improvement, refocusing, restructuring, rebirth) are incredible resources to our wider family of churches and should not be overlooked.

Regional Ministers

A number of regions outside of Sydney (and a few in Sydney) have Regional Ministers. These people have experience wider than a single church and are being kept up to date through their ongoing training in Church Health Matters.

Web based documents and resources

Some of these have been developed by our own staff members and others have been develop by others but found to be helpful to some of our churches.


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