Revitalisation Shape

Sunburst-growthA shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit.

Isaiah 11:1 

Our Baptist movement committed to Gen1K when we numbered 340 churches. The Gen1K vision sees that our movement will grow so that by 2050 we comprise 1000 healthy churches. We desire to see churches continually revitalised and for these distinctive characteristics of the vision to be in the life of a healthy church.

1. Communities of faith transforming disciples.

Small or larg e, network, neighbourhood or regional… the possible shapes of revitalised church communities are endless. However at the core of each will be a tangible transformational relationship with Jesus. A unique community of faith united to a larger group of communities by common passion for Jesus. Committed to growing disciples that make disciples.

2. Leaders identified, nurtured equipped and released.

Leader s in revitalised churches will be recognised early, nurtured continuously, equipped exhaustively and released broadly to the community and the broader Baptist movement. Healthy leaders building healthy leaders will be the expectation in all churches.

3. Mission Shaped and committed communities.

Revitalised churches will be intentionally and incarnationally taking the gospel into the community they serve. Stories of new commitments to faith and church growth will be the norm. Churches will have the desire to reach communities that do not know Christ and do everything, including the sending of people to birth new churches, to reach them.

4. Socially engaged and justice seeking followers of Jesus

A revitalised church will seek to be the hands, voice and compassion of Jesus into their world. Advocacy, social engagement and support of the vulnerable locally, nationally and internationally will be normal and expected.

We acknowledge that for this to become reality God will have chosen to pour out his blessing.