Ordering GodSpace for 2019

For 2019 all ordering for GodSpace is going online. This is to assist our diverse customers in getting GodSpace as quickly and efficiently as possible. To pre-order for 2019 with delivery in late January, please see below. 

Ordering Portal 

To place an order you will need to access the ordering GodSpace portal. 

There are two ways to access the ordering portal.

The first is to create a login. If you are planning to pay by credit card and want to take advantage of our fantastic discount offers, then click on the create a login button below.

The second is to create an account. If you need more payment options then just credit card than this is the option for you. Please click on the create an account button below.

Please allow 24 hours for your account to be created (if you have had one in 2018 you will need a new one for 2019).

To access the ordering portal please click the Ordering GodSpace Portal button.

To see a list of our products, please see below. 

Products for 2018-2019