Hawaii – Australian Partnership

In 2016 we began a conversation with the leaders of the Hawaii Baptist Churches. This resulted in visits to each other’s countries to see and understand respective missional objectives, priorities, structures and resources.

From our meetings and discussions, we believe we can learn much from one another. There was a sense of relationship, shared values, and ministry philosophy. There was mutual agreement on partnership opportunities between Associations, Churches, and Pastors as well as opportunities to partner together in the broader Pacific Region. Above all, there was a strong sense that God was drawing the two Associations/Networks together and raising up new opportunities for learning, encouragement and mission.

Although there are numerous possibilities with this partnership we want to begin this partnership by establishing pastor exchanges. We want the focus to be on building relationships and giving Pastors and Leaders opportunities to gain some wider ministry exposure and learning opportunities as well as building new ministry relationships.

How to participate in the exchange:

The Baptist Association will provide a facilitation role to assist you in liaising this opportunity yourselves. You will need to make the arrangements for funding, travel, logistics, details of the exchange etc yourselves. The Baptist Association will provide a few suggestions and tips to help you with this process.

We are now collecting information from Pastors and Leaders who are interested in being matched for a pastoral exchange with a Hawaiian pastor and Churches open to exploring hosting a Baptist Pastor from Hawaii, giving them opportunities to engage in preaching, ministry, and mission in a local church.

If you and/or your church is open to exploring a partnership with a Hawaiian Baptist Pastor please complete the form below.

Once we’ve collected this information, we’ll connect you with a Pastor in Hawaii for you to discuss the timings and details of your exchange.

An email has been sent out to those who had already completed the expression of interest form prior to June 2017. If you have not completed the expression of interest form, and would like more information about this opportunity or if you have any other questions, please contact cnugent@nswactbaptists.org.au