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Welcome home to Yarra Rossa!

After many years of prayer, planning, construction, and more prayer, BaptistCare proudly opened its new retirement living community called Yarra Rossa in Red Hill, Canberra on Friday, 22 July.

BaptistCare and the Baptist Churches of NSW/ACT have a long history with the land on which Yarra Rossa was built. In 1961 a group of dedicated Canberra Baptists approached the Baptist Homes Trust (now BaptistCare) and shared their concerns about the growing need to care for the frail and elderly in Canberra. At the time, there were no aged care homes in the ACT and no provision for seniors who could not care for themselves.

And so began the story of Morling Lodge. The Baptist Churches and BaptistCare worked together to build a state-of-the-art aged care home in Red Hill that delivered a practical expression of Christ’s love for people in need.

BaptistCare opened Morling Lodge in 1968 with over 30 residents. Demand for Morling Lodge grew, and the home had over 100 residents at one point. The home was officially closed in 2015 in preparation for building the retirement living community on the same property.

BaptistCare is excited to finally have people return to this property with so much connection and history to the Baptist denomination. The original and ongoing purpose of the site has always been to care for a community of people. As residents slowly move into their new homes at Yarra Rossa, BaptistCare is honoured to once again care for people on the land of the first aged care home in Canberra.

Thank you to all the people and churches who prayed, volunteered, and gave resources to Morling Lodge and now Yarra Rossa. We are so grateful for your generosity, time and prayers.

To read more about Morling Lodge and Yarra Rossa, visit Our Story which can be accessed here >>

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