‘Our Story’ is where we share stories of our wider Baptist movement; stories from our journey towards our goal of becoming a movement of 1,000 healthy churches in a generation, stories of how Baptist Churches in NSW & ACT are navigating key issues, and stories from our affiliated groups.

Sharing stories is vital so that we can learn from each other, be encouraged to persevere in our ministries, and witness how God is working amongst his Church. We hope that Our Story will be an inspiration for you and your church.

The Open Circle is a new church plant in Gungahlin, ACT. After two years of building, the Open Circle is six weeks old and taking on a life of its own. “This is what the church is meant to be,” says Mark, church planter, “a group of people in community learning about and gathering around Christ”. To read the article and find out more click HERE

If you have a story about how your ministry, church, or region is stepping into the Gen1K vision send an email to hello@nswactbaptists.org.au with more details.

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