Leadership support and development

BA-Website-Small-MinLeadershipCritical to accomplishing the Gen 1K vision of 1000 healthy churches by the year 2050 is the establishment of a culture of leadership development across our movement that grows and enables leaders for our churches, affiliated groups and the broader community.

Those who lead will be godly men and women of influence who increasingly exemplify loving God comprehensively and loving others as they love themselves (Mark 12:30,31). They will be committed to leading in community, recognising the Biblical call to plurality and team in leadership, under the headship of Jesus Christ.

Below is information and resources to help you be a better leader.

We understand the following to be key to Christian Leadership:


  • A Heart secure in God’s love, and deeply in love with God A Heart of servanthood, integrity & humility
  • A Heart courageous and full of faith
  • A Heart passionately committed to a vision from God for the Kingdom’s advancement.
  • A Heart of a shepherd.


  • A Soul grounded in the grace and righteousness of Christ Jesus.
  • A Soul fully surrendered to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • A Soul knowing and giving forgiveness.
  • A Soul committed to being discipled holistically (heart/hands/head)
  • A soul dedicated to breaking new ground and pioneering new efforts for the Kingdom of God
  • A soul committed to influence for the Kingdom of God above all


  • A Mind soaked in God’s word
  • A Mind excelling in God’s wisdom
  • A Mind dwelling in God’s Kingdom plans
  • A Mind pure in Spirit inspired thoughts
  • A Mind growing in revelation and learning
  • A Mind thoughtful of all spheres of Kingdom of God life


  • A Strengthening of leadership skills
  • A Strengthening of leadership gifts
  • A Strength ministering the Good news through Word, Sign and Deed
  • A Strength in communicating and implementing God’s vision for people
  • A Strength to bring Kingdom transformation


  • An empowering in community through authentic relationships
  • An empowering by compassion & advocacy
  • An empowering in prayer
  • An empowering through loving discipline and shepherding
  • An empowering through the building of healthy, unified teams
  • An empowering by multiplying themselves into other leaders.