Long Service Leave (LSL)

An employee in Australia is entitled to LSL after a long period of continuous employment with an employer, in New South Wales, it is of 13 weeks of LSL for every 15 years of service vesting at 10 years i.e. 0.87 weeks per year and legal entitlement after 10 years of service.

However, in churches, it is common for ministers to move churches with less than 10 years of service. In order to provide Baptist Ministers with a benefit, a Long Service Leave Fund was set up whereby LSL entitlement is transportable between Baptist churches and approved organisations if certain criteria is met. Refer to the LSL Fund Rules for further details.

Once eligibility criteria are met, the following form can be used to join as a member of the fund.

LSL Application Form

Once entitlement criteria are met, the following form can be used to request payments from the fund for the member.

LSL Withdrawal Form

If the member does not meet legal entitlement i.e. leaves Baptist Churches or approved organisations before accumulating 10 years of service, the funds are returned to the Churches that made the contributions. Payments made where the member has not reached 10 years is at the discretion of the Church.

LSL Ruling

It is noted that there is no legal obligation to make payments prior to 10 years except in the case of redundancy or resignation due to illness, incapacity or domestic or other pressing necessity where by it is pro-rata-ed after 5 years. For example, if a minister works in one organisation and is made redundant or resigned due to above reasons after 5 years or more service, he will be entitled to a pro rata portion of LSL in line with legislation in NSW i.e. 13 weeks for every 15 years of service or 0.87 weeks per year of service.

If you have any queries in relation to LSL, please contact Finance, Accounts and Administration Assistant.