Dear Partners in Prayer,

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayer support for the work of the Kingdom across our movement. 

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” Colossians 4:2

Please use this prayer calendar to inform your times of prayer and ask God to bless and empower his people across our Baptist family and beyond according to his purposes.

May God bless you in your prayers


Thursday 1st: Pray for National Reconciliation Week this week and NAIDOC week (July 2 – July 9) as First Nations and all Australians imagine a future pathway of truth and reconciliation. As followers of Jesus, we believe in the ‘ministry of reconciliation’ (2 Cor 5:18) and its power – pray that we embody this call.

Friday 2nd: Today the Baptist Care Senior Leadership Team are meeting to strategise, plan and pray. Please pray for them. Pray also for God’s ongoing protection and blessings over all BaptistCare staff, volunteers, clients, finances, IT systems and properties.

Saturday 3rd: Pray for the Baptist Youth Ministry team as they are in a transition after farewelling Steve Dixon as the Team Leader for Youth and Young Adults in the Baptist Association. Give thanks for the legacy Steve has left through his ministry heading up BYM for almost 12 years. 

Sunday 4th: Rev. Steve Dixon takes up the role of CEO of Bedford College tomorrow. Pray for God’s wisdom and strength as he leads the organisation, that the college will be not only a provider of quality vocational education but also a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Monday 5th: Pray for our regional ministry in the Western Districts: “Western Baptist Churches” whose pastors are meeting together today in Orange. Pray for Regional Minister Wayne Spencer (pastor of Molong Baptist Church). Pray for our regional and remote churches who have great distances between them. Pray for ministry and mission amongst these churches in small and regional towns that God would use them together to grow his Kingdom.

Tuesday 6th: Pray for our Simple Church Network. Pray for the Simple Church Foundations Course which is on tonight. Pray that this will be a chance for interested people to take the next step in beginning a Simple Church to reach their neighbourhoods.  Thank God for the Simple Churches that are springing up around the State, and pray that these expressions would take root and grow in their communities.

Wednesday 7th:  Please pray alongside our Church Health Team, for the 30 pastors and leaders who are part of the Specialised Church Consultancy Team who will participate in a full day of specialised trading today. Pray for wisdom, grace and enabling for these and other church consultants who come alongside many of our churches to lead them out of crisis and conflict and towards greater health and fruitfulness.

Thursday 8th: Continue to pray for our Church Consultants today. A newer group of 15 pastors and leaders who commenced consultancy training earlier this year will have their second full-day intensive training today. Pray for Tim Burns, Steve Hales and the Church Health Team who will be conducting this training.

Friday 9th: Please pray for Tammy Earnshaw and our GodSpace Team who provide excellent teaching material for SRE teachers around Australia. Pray this month as Godspace run a fundraising campaign, that they would be able to raise what they need to continue providing and improving the curriculum. Please pray for wisdom as the team begins to make decision for GodSpace for 2024.

Saturday 10th: Please pray for the Northern Rivers Domestic and Family Violence Forum being run at Alstonville Baptist Church this month. Pray it will be a fruitful time of discussion, collaboration and awareness in providing appropriate support to families who experience this situation.

Sunday 11th: Baptist Mission Australia would love you to pray for their Urban and Regional Australia Team. Praise God for the new opportunities he is opening up for this team to connect with diverse communities in NSW. Pray that the team will remain attentive to the Spirit’s leading as they serve.

Monday 12th: Please pray for Kaye Ryan from the Kids and Families Ministries Team as she heads up the State Kids Camp. Pray for the team that is preparing for the 2 camps in the first week of the July school holidays to be held at Kiah Ridge.

Tuesday 13th: Pray for Ross Clifford and Tim MacBride as they work together in Morling College’s Principal transition process. Pray for them, the morning Board and Leadership Team, that they will know God’s wisdom and insight as they make decisions and lead through this change.

Wednesday 14th: Give thanks for the Connect training days that were run in 10 regions in the past 3 months for leaders in our churches in Kids and Families ministries, youth ministries and for SRE teachers. Continue to pray for the leaders who participated that God would use them in their roles in our churches.

Thursday 15th: Please continue to pray for our Baptist brothers and sisters in the Manipur state of India. They are under incredible persecution. In May, Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) has released a statement calling for calm and restoration of peace in Manipur. People have been killed with 27 villages and over 30 churches having been burnt down. In a report from APBF ExCom member, Dr Jolly Rinmai, we were told that hundreds had been killed with the worst affected community being the Vaiphei tribe. Except for one, all Vaiphei villages are burnt down to ashes. The executive secretary and all Baptist Association leaders were in army camps taking shelter. Please keep this in your prayers.

Friday 16th: Please pray today for one of our church plants, “Follow” Mullumbimby. Pray for a deeper reliance on God through prayer. Pray for God’s leading in relation to new opportunities to serve and connect with people in our community. Pray also for our eyes to be open to see where God is at work in the lives of those around us and a readiness to partner with him in that.

Saturday 17th: Please pray for the corporate witness of our churches for the sake of Jesus around safe spaces. Pray that our commitment to protecting children, young and vulnerable people will reflect the character of God in love, truth and justice.

Sunday 18th: Today marks the beginning of World Refugee Week. Pray for the 103 million displaced peoples around the world due to war, persecution and a changing climate. Pray also that we continue to embody compassion for those seeking asylum and refuge in our local communities.

Monday 19th: Please pray for “That Thing” retreat which starts today and finishes tomorrow at Kiah Ridge.  This is a retreat specifically for Associate pastors (eg youth, childrens, pastoral care etc) across our churches. Pray for our speakers as they deliver their sessions and for those attending to be blessed, encouraged and challenged.

Tuesday 20th: Pray for training opportunities for SRE teachers during this month and in July for teachers needing to be reauthorised for teaching for another 3 years. Pray that they are encouraged and reenergised as well as receive vital updates and new ideas. Pray also that new SRE teachers will be raised up as enthusiastic, well equipped and gifted teachers of the Good News of Jesus.

Wednesday 21st: Pray today for Greater West for Christ, our regional ministry in the western suburbs of Sydney. Pray for their leadership team, including Mark Chapple the Regional Minister (and pastor at Penrith Baptist Church). Pray that through GWFC’s ministries that churches would be encouraged, pastors equipped and people in that part of Sydney would be impacted by the love and message of Jesus.

Thursday 22nd: As Semester 1 finishes at Morling College, please ask God to bless students with wisdom, passion and knowledge. Pray also for the Morling College Open Night on tonight and for those considering studying at Morling. Ask God to raise up leaders from our churches to be equipped and trained for leadership and ministry.

Friday 23rd: Please pray for our Association Finance and Operations Team under the leadership of Heidi Tak (Associate Director, Operations). Pray for them as they keep many of our ministries resourced and running

Saturday 24th: Today please pray for the Coast Churches Network (our regional ministry in the Central Coast) and for Phil Blair their Regional Minister (and Senior Pastor at Green Point Baptist Church). Pray for Phil and his team as they encourage their churches to engage together in developing leaders, investing in church health and multiplying congregations across the Central Coast.

Sunday 25th: Please pray as the Baptist Care Board have their meeting tomorrow. Continue to pray for Baptist Care, for protection from the flu and Covid for all their clients, residents, staff and volunteers. Pray also for God’s provision including finances, staffing and wisdom across Baptist Care teams.

Monday 26th: Today the Association Executive Leadership Team and Team Leaders head to Kiah Ridge for a three day annual retreat. Please pray for them as they meet for encouragement, prayer, strategic planning and training.

Tuesday 27th: Baptist Mission Australia asks us to pray for Papua New Guinea today. Pray for the National Pastor’s Conference that is taking place coming up in July. Pray that it is a fruitful time of teaching, discussion and decision making. Pray for the next generation of local pastors and leaders to be raised up.

Wednesday 28th: Pray as the Impact Gap Year students and coaches head off this week on their cultural awareness mission trip to Cambodia, returning on 9th July. Pray for lots of God directed learning, meaningful experiences and discipleship growth for the Impact students. Also pray for good health, safety and a great time of connection with the team on the ground in Cambodia.

Thursday 29th: Praise God for the opportunities he gives Baptist Financial Services to encourage and empower churches and Christian organisations as they make financial decisions that will grow the reach of God’s kingdom. Pray for the leadership and staff and that God would work through them for his purposes across our churches as they minister and serve.

Friday 30th: Please pray for Advanced Creating Safe Spaces training being run in July and August. Pray it will be a fruitful time of learning and encouragement in keeping children, young and vulnerable people safe in our churches.


Sunday 1st: We are part of a global movement! There is an annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in Norway this month. Please pray for a blessed time for all who are travelling to be part of this, as we continue to impact the world for Christ.

Sunday 2nd: Shelley Ashton (Team Leader, Special Religious Education) asks us to pray for good positive relationships between SRE teachers and school staff as well as with students. Please pray for our ongoing negotiations with State Government and the Department of Education in ensuring SRE remains in public schools in NSW.

Monday 3rd: Our Association State Kids Camp starts today at Kiah Ridge. Thank God for the kids and leaders who are part of this initiative. Pray that they will find their faith strengthened by being part of this camp. Pray for the kids who are from families that aren’t currently following Jesus that they would discover the love of Jesus and that all those who are part of the camp would move and grow towards Jesus. Pray for safety, wisdom and strength for all who are leading and part of this camp.

Tuesday 4th: Please pray for the Westmead Baptist Church plant. Pray for courage to follow God’s will and future plan for WBC in moving to a new location to accomodate the growing number of members. Pray for our current landlord that they will be lenient and understanding when we terminate our lease early. Pray for a generous heart and a desire to give faithfully and contribute to God’s kingdom. Please also pray for physical and mental strength for ministry workers and leaders to continue helping the homeless and needy in Parramatta. Pray for these people to see God in every person serving them and caring for them. Pray that people would continue to come to faith particularly amongst the Catholic Filipino community in Western Sydney and nearby suburbs.

Wednesday 5th: Pray for Tim MacBride as he begins as Principal of Morling College this week. Pray that he will continue to know God’s purpose, power and protection. Pray for his family as they also adjust to the responsibilities and commitments of the new role.

Thursday 6th: Pray for our regional ministry in Canberra and surrounds. Pray for Regional Minister, Nick Barber, as he brings together the pastors, leaders and churches across the region for relationship building, resource sharing, raising leaders and reproducing congregations.

Friday 7th: Pray for the work of Baptist World Aid, for their impact in the name of Jesus in places of greatest need and vulnerability around the world. Pray for CEO Melissa Lipsett and her team that God would work through them to make a real and ongoing difference.

Saturday 8th: Thank God for all the ways he has been at work in the lives of kids and their leaders at State Kids Camp this past week. Thank God for his Spirit who goes with the kids back to their homes, helping them to continue to live out God’s ways.

Sunday 9th: Please pray today for our Director of Ministries, Steve Bartlett, and for his Executive Leadership Team (Craig Corkill – Associate Director, Discipleship and Leadership Development; Jamie Freeman – Associate Director, Mission and Church Development, Grae McWhirter – Strategic Support and Regional Development; and Heidi Tak – Associate Director, Operations) as they lead the various ministries and services provided to our family of churches and pastors. Pray for wisdom, insight, vision and favour on them.

Monday 10th: Please pray alongside Marbuen Diaz and the Association Church Witness Team for our CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) churches that they would continue to grow and make an impact in our society.

Tuesday 11th: Continue to pray that SRE teachers can bring God’s message of love, grace and hope to children and young people who struggle with self-worth, identity and a sense of belonging.

Wednesday 12th: Pray for Baptist Mission Australia and its work in Cambodia. Pray for the newly established Therapy for Children with Disabilities project. Pray for families to be transformed as children begin to reach their full potential. Pray for trusting relationships to develop with the parents of the children.

Thursday 13th: Pray for the church plant “Christ Church Summerland Point”. Pray as they have started a new Bible study in Summerland Point. Their prayer is that God will give them wisdom to lead and raise others to plant new Bible studies.

Friday 14th: Please pray today for Lorna Harper and her team at our Kiah Ridge Conference Centre. Pray for protection from sickness for the Team in these winter months. Pray for provision for every need for every one of our Team families. Pray for wisdom as we commence work on a significant DA process with our local Council. And please continue to pray for God’s hand over our special place and for his impact on everyone who meets here from schools, to churches to ministry teams and special events.

Saturday 15th: Please pray for Transform Southern Sydney (our regional ministry in the southern suburbs of Sydney) and Regional Minister Jamie Wendt (Senior Pastor of Padstow Baptist Church). Pray for Jamie and the TSS team: Leeanne Smith (Leadership Development), Andre Mocanu (Church Health) and Milard Sleiman (Multiplication) as they look to serve the region by equipping and encouraging pastors and leaders towards 100 healthy churches transforming the suburbs of southern Sydney. Pray also for Living Hope Funerals, a Transform Southern Sydney ministry which ministers to grieving families on behalf of our churches, and which releases resources for ongoing regional ministry. Pray for fruitful service, a growing connection to communities and for God’s grace to bless them.

Sunday 16th: From tomorrow (Monday 17th) until Wednesday (19th) at Kiah Ridge Conference Centre, the Regional Teams Conference will be held for regional ministry leaders from across all the regions of the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT. Please pray for a time of encouragement, restoration and equipping as regional ministry teams focus on building Relationships, sharing Resources, Raising leaders and Reproducing congregations in our regions. Pray as workshops are held with our Baptist Ministry Centre team specialists on developing leaders, growing healthy churches and multiplying congregations.

Monday 17th: Pray for Morling students who have been completing Winter School and for the whole college community as Semester 2 starts today. Thank God for new students who will join Morling this semester. Pray that they will start well and flourish. Thank God for churches who have identified and affirmed people for study at Morling. Pray that there is a strong sense of partnership with God as the College, churches and other organisations work together.

Tuesday 18th: Today marks the start of the July term at Bedford College. Pray for all our new students who are starting this term, especially for our International Students who are in Australia for the first time. May our staff continue to provide students with a caring, Christian environment that will help support and enhance their ability to succeed.

Wednesday 19th: Please pray for the State Youth Camp Team as preparations are well underway for SYC23 which will be held at the end of September. Pray for Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders to register their youth groups and for our speakers as they prepare talks. Pray that the hearts of the youth who will be attending are prepared to respond to the Gospel.

Thursday 20th: Baptist Mission Australia encourages us today to pray for their Outback Australia team. Please lift the team up as they journey alongside communities devastated by recent floods. Pray for wisdom as they offer practical and emotional support.

Friday 21st: Please pray for our SRE teachers and helpers over the winter months going into schools as there are increased risks to health with flu and Covid. Pray for resilience, health and fruitful ministries.

Saturday 22nd: Please pray for Regional Minister Matt Brown (lead pastor at Swansea Baptist Church) and his regional leadership team in our Hunter Region. Pray for the churches in that region to be inspired and equipped to move together towards their goal of 100 vibrant churches transforming the Hunter District. Pray for H100 interns and for the team who minister love and grace across the Baptist faith communities in that area of our movement.

Sunday 23rd: Pray for the Leadership Pipeline Training which has started in a growing number of churches. Pray that as churches embrace and enact some of this training in their local contexts, that they will see more and more leaders identified, raised, trained and released to fruitful leadership, ministry and service.

Monday 24th: Please pray for God’s clear leading for Baptist Care as they continue merging with 3 new sites, Kintyre (Dubbo), Blue Hills (Prestons), Durham Green (Menangle) and with Baptistcare Western Australia.

Tuesday 25th: Please pray for victim survivors of abuse in all its forms. Pray that God would increasingly bring healing and hope into very dark circumstances through the grace of Christ. Pray that our churches would be safe places for everyone, and a welcoming healing place for victim survivors.

Wednesday 26th: Pray for grandparents who are sharing the big story of God with their grandkids. May God help them create space for questions and conversation and share with their grandchildren how good God is.

Thursday 27th: Praise God for another successful meeting of the Baptist Union of Australia, National Council in May. It is a blessing to meet with a group of such talented and capable members. Please continue to lift up our Australia wide Baptist family that God would work through each State Association for his Kingdom purposes.

 Friday 28th: Pray today for the Bega Valley Shire Simple Church plant. Pray for Brandi’s new job as a bistro waiter at the sports and recreational club in Eden. We hope she makes connections with those in the community. Pray for Indigenous young people we are connecting with in Eden (soccer players, referees, skaters). Pray for the fishing ministry “Fish for men” as opportunities are taken to connect to the young people in Eden through this community activity. Pray for the Fijian men that Adrian has met on his street. Pray that Bible Study would turn into a gathering over food with Bible and prayer.

Saturday 29th: Pray alongside Baptist Mission Australia for Thailand. Pray for the Ethnic Thai faith communities. Pray for the local leaders as they grow more in touch with Jesus and are equipped to lead the faith communities.

Sunday 30th: Please pray for the emerging leadership of our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, our 1.5 and 2nd generation leaders – to find their call and their place in God’s mission.

Monday 31st: Pray today for Fiona Gardner, a member of the Baptist Youth Ministries Team, as she runs Youth mental health First Aid workshops in our churches. Pray that many young people are cared for, supported and find comfort and faith in Jesus through this ministry in our church youth groups.


Tuesday 1st: Pray for our regional ministry in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven, headed up by Regional Minister Michael Bate (pastor of Woonona Baptist Church). Pray for Michael’s leadership and for the growing relationship in the two networks of this region and the growing leadership team in that region. Pray that our churches there will be used by God to impact their communities up and down that stretch of the south coast.

Wednesday 2nd: Pray for the kids who were part of the State Kids Camp run by our Kids and Families Ministries team back in the recent school holidays – that they would continue to see themselves as part of Gods mission. Pray that they would have friends who can encourage them as they live Jesus’ way in their schools, homes and community.

Thursday 3rd: Pray for our Baptist Chaplains who serve in prisons, hospitals and in our emergency services. Pray that God would protect them in their ministries and use them to ministry God’s love and grace to people hurting and in need.

Friday 4th: Please pray today for the growing number of churches that are using the new Church Health Assessment Tool (CHAT). Pray also for the growing number of churches using the Simple Church Health Check. Pray that these tools, along with support from the Church Health Team, will contribute to increased levels of health across our churches.

Saturday 5th: Bedford College Norwest Campus is holding its Open Day today. Pray that it will be an opportunity for the college to showcase the vocational education courses it offers as well as provide people the opportunity to meet college staff and trainers.

Sunday 6th: Please pray with Baptist Mission Australia for their Outback Australia Team. Pray for First Nations believers and church leaders. Pray for them as they seek to demonstrate God’s love, peace and hope within their communities.

Monday 7th: Pray for God’s leading and creative ideas for how BaptistCare and Baptist Churches can engage together to partner in effective ways for God’s Kingdom purposes.

Tuesday 8th: Pray for Morling’s Board, the Morling Foundation, Research Committee and Indigenous Advisory Panel who will all meet this month. Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in all these significant Morling teams.

Wednesday 9th: Please pray for Ken Hall, pastor of Woolloomooloo Baptist Church and their partnership with HopeStreet in the inner city. This is a crucial and fruitful ministry amongst the homeless and public housing residents and wider community in the urban spaces in Sydney. Pray for ongoing grace, resilience, resources and blessing.

Thursday 10th: Please pray for SRE teachers and coordinators as they negotiate with schools around timetabling and enrolments for 2024. Planning in schools starts in later term 2 and early in term 3. Pray that school leadership will see the value of SRE and be supportive of its ongoing role in their local communities at this 2024 planning time.

Friday 11th: Please pray for Jonathan Bradford and our Association’s Ministry Standards Team. Pray that God will give them wisdom, courage, compassion and clarity as they support churches in this vital area of ministry.  

Saturday 12th: Pray for the leaders of kids and families ministries in churches across NSW & ACT. Thank God for their ministry with children. Ask God to gift them with the ability to lead teams well, to see the possibilities and to partner with families in nurturing the faith of children.

Sunday 13th: Pray today for those who are sensing a call to pastoral and missional leadership.  Pray that God would raise up a generation of leaders to serve him and that our churches and movement would equip, support and release leaders for God’s Kingdom purposes.

Monday 14th: Pray for our Northern Rivers Region and the Regional Minister John Wilson (pastor of Lismore Baptist Church). Please pray for John as he leads the team and for Steve Hales who is working alongside John on behalf of the Association in church health and ongoing disaster relief. Please pray as they minister to a community which continues to be suffering from the floods over a year ago. There is still great damage and lots of ministry needs and opportunities. Pray for the regional team as they explore planting new churches in partnership in the northern rivers.

Tuesday 15th:  Pray for Sylvia Groves and the Balance Services Team as they serve many of our churches in assisting with financial management. Pray that God will use their skills to support churches to fulfil their calling in their communities.

Wednesday 16th: Today please pray for our churches who are searching for new pastoral leadership. Pray for the provision of new leaders to serve across our movement. Pray for local leadership teams who are awaiting God’s provision of new pastors, that God would bless and resource them during a time of waiting and taking on more responsibilities.

Thursday 17th: Give thanks for all the playtime leaders in churches investing into the lives of families with young children. Ask God to help them declare and demonstrate his goodness to children and families.

Friday 18th: Pray for the Association’s Communications and Events Team under the leadership of Aaron Veart, as they help us move towards 1000 healthy churches in a generation, keeping us reminded of our vision and connected through numerous means and in numerous events.

Saturday 19th: Please pray for Pete Davies who is Regional Minister in the North and Mid-north Coast Region of our movement (and pastor of Boambee Baptist Church). Pray for pastors and leaders in that region to be encouraged in connecting with one another and as they explore how to support one another in mission and ministry.

Sunday 20th: Please pray for all our churches who are engaging their communities in Building a Discipleship Culture. Please pray for the coaches who are taking teams through a recapturing of what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples. Pray that as participants ask their friends to read the Bible with them, God would lead people towards himself.

Monday 21st: Please pray for the 20 sole or senior pastors who are part of the first ever Multiply cohort and who will have their third residential three day intensive starting today at Kiah Ridge. Pray for the Multiply initiative. It is a 2 year program of training and coaching that aims to support pastors in leading their churches to improved health and the multiplication of disciples, leaders and congregations.

Tuesday 22nd: Give thanks to God for our Baptist chaplains in the Australian Defence Forces. Pray that they will be good witnesses of God’s love and grace as they minister to men and women in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Pray for God to provide more leaders to join them as ADF chaplains to minister in this key are. Pray that God will protect our chaplains, physically, spiritually and emotionally and that our churches would find ways to support them in their callings.

Wednesday 23rd: Please pray for the Association’s Church Health Team: Tim Burns (Team Leader), Nick Barber, Ted Bell, Steve Hales and Yvonne Zheng, as they interact with churches, providing them with support and help towards fruitful health.

Thursday 24th: Please pray, along with our Baptist partners, for increased humanitarian assistance and advocacy action for the violent situation in Myanmar – with 1.6 million people internally displaced and more than 1 million people in neighbouring countries. Pray also for the Myanmar diaspora communities who grieve as they watch the atrocities continue with many still having families in Myanmar.

Friday 25th: Pray for Jenny Casey (Team Leader, Ministry Affirmation) and the Affirmation Oversight Team, as they work together in assisting leaders explore their call to ministry through becoming Accredited or Recognised Ministers. Pray that God will raise more leaders to serve in our churches and communities towards 1000 healthy churches in a generation. Give thanks for the accreditation candidates accepted at the last Assembly who will be accredited in September.

Saturday 26th: Pray for the Riverina Baptist Network. Pray for David Strong (Regional Minister and pastor at Wagga Wagga Baptist Church) and his team. Today representatives of our churches across the Riverina are meeting at Wagga for their annual Burning Brightly regional day. Please pray for them today that God would be moving amongst them, encouraging and equipping for fruitful Gospel ministry. Pray for the Riverina Baptist Network that they would experience effective collaboration, mission and ministry amongst the churches in that region. Pray also for the establishment of their new venture “Gospel Ewes”, a mission business aimed to release resources for ongoing regional ministry for years to come.

Sunday 27th: Thank God for Morling College’s fantastic team, in our three main faculties and across our Sydney and Perth campuses. Pray that they will grow in faith, wisdom and service.

Monday 28th: Please pray today for guidance for the BaptistCare chaplaincy team as they prepare for their annual conference in September. Pray that through the planning God will guide and that those who attend will be blessed and encouraged for their ongoing chaplaincy work.

Tuesday 29th: Please pray with Baptist Mission Australia for their mission in South East Asia. Pray for the team’s Education Foundation, Cafe, Reading Garden and Creation Care ministry initiatives. Pray for God’s love to be shared in practical, genuine and relevant ways through this work.

Wednesday 30th: Please pray along with our Australian Baptist Ministries team around the country. With so many divisive issues in Australia at the moment, please offer a general prayer for unity and peace. May we engage with others from a place of love and not anger.

Thursday 31st: The Baptist Youth Ministry Team would like us to pray today for their Regional Support Workers as they engage with Youth Pastors and Leaders on the ground in their regions for support and encouragement of one another. Pray also as they plan the Revive combined youth nights which will run as peak youth events for youth groups in our regions. Pray that young people will find faith in Christ through these events.