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Live Q&A 2 (14th July 2021)

Resources will be updated after the session. 

Live Q&A 1 (7th July 2021)

Resources and Clarifications
Please note that any reference to restrictions may no longer be accurate. Please see our COVID-19 Page for the most up-to-date information regarding this. 

Hi Pastors and Leaders,
Earlier today we held a Live Q&A please find the clarifications provided in this session below, along with some resources and upcoming opportunities for digital connection.


Regulations state that individuals must provide and churches must require contact details from any individual attending their premises. This means that there are potential fines for individuals and organisations that do not comply. 

The NSW Government has provided the following update to faith leaders this morning: “Singing is not permitted in indoor areas of places of public worship. This includes during a live stream, and in regional NSW.”  We continue to engage with NSW Health about this matter. But as it stands currently, in greater Sydney the only situations that would enable singing in a livestream are if:

The only exceptions are if:

  • Singing is performed outside in a livestream, or recorded video.

  • Singing is recorded from residential premises, with no one but household members present. 

  • Pre-recorded singing is used, in which case you would be wise to  explicitly state this on your livestream. 

Food Handling
Due to gathering restrictions, this should not be relevant to churches within Greater Sydney unless they are providing a service to vulnerable people (such as a food bank or homeless shelter) or as a part of an early education and care facility. 

In NSW (excluding Greater Sydney), food handling should be done in a covid-safe manner. If you would like to ensure your foodservice is up-to-date, the NSW Food Authority has provided a 20-minute online course. You can complete this or find out more information here.

Mask Wearing 
Masks are compulsory in any indoor environment that is not residential across NSW (including Greater Sydney). This means that masks are compulsory when working indoors. 

The only exceptions are: 

  • For medical reasons 
  • If you are 12 years or under 

Masks can be removed temporarily under the following circumstances 

  • eating or drinking
  • communicating with another person who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • at work and the nature of the work makes the wearing of a fitted face covering a risk to the person’s, or another persons’ health and safety, or where clear enunciation or visibility of your mouth is essential
  • asked to remove their mask for identity purposes
  • in the process of getting married 

Pastoral Care 
Pastors and Ministers of Religion are able to leave their house, and to attend a residential premises or place of public worship to provide pastoral care.

In situations where care is provided to a vulnerable person, any individual is able to leave their house and attend another residential premises to render assistance.


  • FORM Conference (5-7 July) – It is not too late to register to be part of FORM! For more information visit:
    • If you would like to join us for the free Collaborative Dinner you can register here
  • Baptist World Alliance Congress (8-10 July)– For more information for the Baptist World Alliance Congress visit:
    • How to Register for free
      • Go to the Congress registration page at
      • Select the $70 “Congress Registrant + Pre-Conference” option
      • When it comes to the payment section, add the coupon code ABM and press Apply and the registration costs will reduce to zero.
      • After you have registered you will receive your access code by email, which you can use to access the Congress
  • 40-Days of prayer – Officially launches on Monday 19th July. There are over 15 churches that will be taking part in this, registrations and more information can be found here

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