Ministry Operations offers operational and Administrative support to local churches, their pastors and administrators throughout NSW and the ACT, ensuring best practice, ethical and legal church based administration. This team are committed to providing the best possible resources, advice and collective negotiation benefits across all church based administration areas, including:

  • Human Resources and Salary
  • Long Service Leave (LSL) Scheme
  • Insurance
  • Ministry Standards and Creating Safe Spaces
  • Christian Copyright Licencing International (CCLI) and Big Movie Licencing group discounts
  • Taxation & GST Support
  • Support with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) reporting
  • Support with other regulatory reporting obligations
  • Help with grant applications
  • Administration training and regular industry updates
  • Communications and Design
  • And much more
The Association provides advice, templates, calculators and general information on Human Resource management in churches. Commonly support is given in the areas of:

  • Stipend recommendations
  • Structuring minister’s remuneration
  • Long service leave
  • Annual leave
  • Workers compensation
  • Taxation
  • And more
The Baptist Association operates the Baptist Long Service Leave scheme (LSL). An employee in Australia is entitled to LSL after a period of continuous employment with an employer (10+ years). However, in churches, it is common for ministers to move churches with less than 10 years of service. In order to provide Baptist ministers with a benefit, a Long Service Leave Fund is managed by the Association, enabling entitlements to be transportable between Baptist churches and approved organisations if certain criteria are met. This is a great blessing to many pastors in our Association.
Opportunities are increasing for churches and ministries to save money by using the increased buying power of the Association to secure discounted pricing. This is seen in Christian Copyright Licencing International (CCLI) and Big Movie Licencing group discounts and the ongoing insurance pricing that is well below individual market pricing.
A focus of Ministry Operations is the support, advice and training it offers churches in the area of regulation, compliance, taxation and legal issues. This advice, whilst general in nature, helps churches work through these vital areas with confidence and support. This team provides ministry specific information on Taxation (including GST) and tax-deductible giving opportunities. They also provide support with ACNC and many other reporting obligations. Additionally, advice is offered for putting together various grant applications along with regular administration training and industry updates.
The “Baptist Churches of New South Wales Property Trust” is an incorporated body, created by an Act of NSW Parliament. The Property Trust was created as a service to the Baptist Churches, assisting them with property matters and the legalities that surround property dealings as a local church. Most Baptist churches are constituted as Unincorporated Associations and are unable to hold property in their own name. The Property Trust oversees individual trusts which hold property for many of the individual churches and groups in the Association. Downloads are available below that will assist your lawyer / solicitor with your property transaction. For initial contact with Property Trust please liaise with the team via email:
We may also be contacted during business hours on phone (02) 9630-2561.

Baptist Insurance Services (BIS) exists to protect Baptist churches and ministries by arranging a program of comprehensive insurance policies in the most cost-effective manner. BIS also gives churches and ministries peace of mind by developing and providing a comprehensive range of insurance and risk management resources. The Insurance team is available any time for questions and advice.

For further assistance, there are many insurance resources on the BIS website

Your insurance contact in NSW & ACT:

Tim Williams – Manager Insurance
Phone enquiries – 02 9868 9213 or 0403 615 033
Email enquiries: