Pastors eNews - September 2019

Hi Pastors & Leaders,

Welcome to September’s e-news!

This edition contains a brief reflection on the life of Dr Bill Anderson, a leader of character within our movement who recently went to be with the Lord. Bill was a leader both in academia at Sydney University, a vital part of our College for many years and involved in other organisations both Christian and secular throughout his life.

Bill’s legacy reminds me of the ongoing importance of encouraging and nurturing leadership within ourselves and others that has both character and capacity. Leadership that can serve God’s church, but also beyond that into wider society.

Leadership like this usually does not evolve by accident. As leaders ourselves, one of our key roles is nurturing the character and capacity of the leaders around us, and helping others do the same. Often this will not be something that our church or organisation reminds us to do – we will need to be proactive about it. And sometimes it can be hard to see how this fits amongst all the other responsibilities of ministry. Yet it is crucial, and very strategic.

As a movement we are committed to developing leaders of character and capacity. If you would value assistance in raising up leaders within your local context, please be in touch. And be in prayer for the intentional growth and development of leaders in your church and beyond, for Jesus’ sake and the sake of His Kingdom.


Steve Bartlett
Director of Ministries

BYM State Youth Camp - Volunteers Needed


State Youth Camp is coming up Sept 27-30. It will be an amazing shared experience with God, with 3 nights of camping, activities, worship, prayer, teaching and relationship building! We are giving thanks for new churches joining us this year & the returning ones continuing this journey with their groups.

We are still in need of volunteers to facilitate this experience for our youth groups. Can we encourage you to consider sending a small team to help support the incredible work that the Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders are doing? Volunteers will have their registration costs and all meals provided and will be allocated a space to camp (BYO Tent). Not only will they become part of an incredible crew but they can use their skills to support SYC in many different ways;

If you are available to volunteer for this event, please contact Sarah Alarcon


Baptist leaders meet with over 70 parliamentarians at Converge

September 9-11 saw Baptist leaders from around the country meet in Canberra for Converge, to advocate for children living in poverty in Australia. There were around 40 representatives from Australian Baptist Ministries, Baptist Care agencies, Baptist World Aid and each of the state unions/associations.

Baptist representatives had close to 70 meetings with parliamentarians and used the time to speak to a report commissioned by Baptist Care Australia about “Australia’s Kids – The State of the Nation”. This report looks at seven domains across a child’s life including family, material basics, safety, health, learning, belonging and hopes and dreams. As Graham Dangerfield, the Chairperson of Baptist Care Australia said,

“For many Australian children, life is full of positive experiences shared with people they care about and who care about them in return. They are learning and developing and are hopeful for the future…Sadly, not all children and young people get an equal start in life. This report sets out some ways we can address the most urgent and important needs of Australian children by working together.”

In Australia there are around 760,000 children living in poverty. At Converge, Baptist leaders specifically advocated for a raise to the Newstart allowance, providing much needed income support for families. They also asked the federal government to be a leader in social and affordable housing by allocating funding to states and prioritising this issue. There is currently a shortfall of 437,000 social dwellings and 231,700 affordable dwellings. Converge provided the opportunity for leaders, who see their churches and agencies working with families who are struggling, to tell their stories and advocate for their needs.

Delegates also engaged our parliamentarians on the draft Religious Discrimination Bill 2019.

Will you pray that our government would consider these asks and champion these issues as they make policy and budget decisions?


Religious Discrimination Bill 2019

As you will be aware the Attorney General has invited submissions of the draft Religious Discrimination bill that he released on 29 August 2019. Submissions need to be made by 2 October 2019. Australian Baptist Ministries is making a submission but we are also aware that submissions from individual churches and their leaders will be very helpful in getting changes to the draft Bill.

The general thrust of the submission should seek to identify specific examples from your church community where the draft bill needs to be modified.

Attached you will find a briefing paper from Professor Patrick Parkinson (Password in Pastors eNews covering email) which highlights a number of areas you could consider.

We would suggest your submission include:
1. A general appreciation of the Government’s determination to enact the Bill.
2. Examples of concerns about the Bill which relate to your specific situation.

Suggested areas of concern include:

  • The present definition of ‘definitions of religious bodies’ in the draft bill excludes youth group camps, aged care and ministries that engage solely or primarily in commercial activities. I.e. If your church uses youth camps and/or has a fee-paying counselling/has a pre-school attached to our church/a before and after school care ministry/has a community center that runs fee-based activities which it appears under the present draft would not be protected.
  • Ambiguity around what the term ‘religious activity’ relates too. I.e. Does it just relate to aspects of public worship? What other religious activities would be protected under this Act?
  • The draft bill is not clear as to how local Baptist churches as unincorporated bodies will be protected under this bill.
  • While we agree that people should not be vilified, there is ambiguity around the definition of this word in the draft Bill.

We have attached a copy of Professor Parkinson paper as well as the proforma provide by the Government for submissions.

The passing of Dr Bill Anderson

It is with sadness that we advise the passing of Dr Bill Anderson on 31st August. Dr Anderson was a much loved part of our Baptist movement.

Bill Anderson taught in the schools of both Education and Psychology across his academic career, mainly at Sydney University. He served our College as part time lecturer across multiple disciplines and also for a period of 2 years was Warden of the College in a critical time when it was without a principal. His ministry was warm and well accepted. He was a mentor and encourager of a whole generation of students. He was also vitality involved in Scripture Union for over 50 years.

Details of his funeral and thanksgiving services are as follows:


Funeral Service
Saturday, 21 September at 10:15am – 11:15am
North Chapel, Northern Suburbs Crematorium, 199 Delhi Road, North Ryde.
All welcome.

Thanksgiving Service
Saturday, 21 September at 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Gordon Baptist Church, 20 Park Avenue, Gordon
A light lunch in the church hall afterwards from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.
All welcome.

20th Anniversary of Accreditation of Women in NSW & ACT Baptist Association

Our Association accredited its first female pastors 20 years ago this month.  We honour and thank the women who over the last 20 years have taken the journey of pastoral accreditation as they pursue God’s calling on their lives.  Some of their stories will be shared on Facebook and Instagram in the times ahead, as we continue to seek to live out our value of empowering and supporting both men and women to glorify God in all of their lives.


CCLI & Big Movie Licensing Renewal - Last Chance!!

Time is running out to renew your CCLI and Big Studio Movie Licenses for 2020.
This can be done online here

Please note the due date for renewal including receipt of payments is Friday 27 September 2019.

The Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT has negotiated a Denominational License Scheme with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International Pty. Ltd) for Church Copy Right Licenses, Music Reproduction Licenses, Church Video Licenses, Song Select Premium and Heritage Films for Big Studio Movie Licenses.

What are the licenses? 

Big Studio Movie License
The Big Studio Movie License enables you to screen any films from some big producers like, Walt Disney, Roadshow Films, Warner Bros, Sony, Icon, Hoyts Distribution, Studio Canal, Hopscotch, E-one, Madman, Rialto, Palace Films, Transmission and Pinnacle Films, which are currently not covered by CCLI Video Licenses. To find out if the Big Studio Movie Licence is for you, clickhere.

CCLI Licenses
There are four types of CCLI licenses on offer:

  • Church Copyright License
  • Music Reproduction License
  • Church Video License
  • SongSelect Premium

The Church Copyright license gives permission for reproduction of lyrics of songs during church services. Includes projection of lyrics; printed bulletins, programmes; legal audio and video recordings which include singing; digital copy activities.

The Music Reproduction License gives permission for making copies of sheet music from a songbook, a downloaded PDF from a website, an enhanced CD or from SongSelect.

The Church Video License for public viewings in your church of all, or any portion, of a film from over 360 major producers and thousands of movie titles. Free subscription to Screenview with hundreds of clip and movie suggestions by theme.

SongSelect is an online resource featuring the lyrics of thousands of songs, sound samples, chord charts, lead sheets (melody line) and vocal sheets (up to 4-part harmony). Included is a music player, to play the music on the lead sheets and hymn sheets, and to transpose the music. The SongSelect Premium License allows full use of their resource library including sound samples, lyrics, lead sheets, chord sheets and vocal sheets.
Click here for further details.
These licences cover 1 Nov 2019 – 31 Oct 2020.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the Denominational License Scheme include the convenience of one annual renewal date for all CCLI licenses, and the advantage of bulk purchase discounts on the license fees being:

Church Copyright License     Save up to 27%
Music Reproduction License     Save up to 15%
Church Video License     Save up to 23%
Big Studio Movie License     Save up to 20%

To participate in this scheme for 2020 (1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020) please complete the online application and payment form by 27 September 2019.*Late applications cannot be accepted due to CCLI and Big Movie Studio deadlines.

For more information please contact

FORM - 18 to 19th October

Accommodation options for FORM conference have now closed, but don’t be dissuaded as day tickets and full conference registration are still available. If you would like to register for FORM visit

Enjoyed hearing Tim Piesse speak at the Gathering? Interested in mission, evangelism, community engagement, or church planting? Do you have people in your church passionate about mission that you’d love to encourage, equip and see sent out? Form is a two day festival of ideas, storytelling, masterclasses, networking, team building and much more. Form will shape evangelism and church planting in the Baptist Churches of NSW and the ACT as we see a movement of a thousand healthy churches in a generation.


If you would like further details about this event, please contact Jamie Freeman

BaptistCare Sunday

This year BaptistCare celebrates 75 years of service in NSW & ACT. Trevor Wight, Church Partner Manager at BaptistCare reflects on the journey of BaptistCare over these years and the opportunity to participate in BaptistCare Sunday in 2019.

BaptistCare’s desire from its earliest days has always been to minister love, care and support in the name of Jesus. We see that people want to be shown genuine loving care, to be respected as an individual, and to always feel confident they have someone to rely on. It is important for us to empower our clients through the practical support we provide as well as through the friendships they build with others.

For many years BaptistCare has asked our churches to set aside a time during one of their Sunday services in November, to focus on the work of BaptistCare. The objective is to:

– acknowledge & celebrate God’s provision that enables this work to continue

– to inform and remind ourselves that the services BaptistCare provides, are part of Baptist’s shared efforts to ‘love our neighbor as we would love ourselves” and

– to thank both individuals and churches who continue to partner with us

Whilst BaptistCare employs staff, volunteers have been an integral part of our ability to assist so many people across NSW & the ACT. In fact, Baptist Homes Trust was established by visionary Baptist women and men who wanted to demonstrate the love of God in practical ways, particularly to those most disadvantaged in society. This reliance on volunteers continues and in conjunction with many partner churches, we see increasing opportunities to demonstrate God’s love in action.

This year we celebrate 75 years of working together, and our request is that you could take some time to share this amazing story with members of your congregation during November.

Please contact Trevor Wight if you would like a BaptistCare representative to join you on the day.

BaptistCare - Pastoral Carers Train the Trainers course

Who in your church could benefit from becoming a trained Spiritual Care Series facilitator for your church? This series will equip people in your church to provide quality pastoral and spiritual care to older and vulnerable Australians.

Some of the topics you will facilitate include:

  1. Good communication
  2. Grief, loss, death and dying
  3. Roles, boundaries and self-care

This series is affordable, easy to facilitate through quality vide content with practical skills based training. This series will strenghthen pastoral care in your church as well as train people to become volunteers in your local community with opportunities to partner with BaptistCare’s Pastoral Care Volunteer Program. Morning tea and lunch is included in the price of registration. *This training is only available to those in Baptist Church ministries and BaptistCare’s Volunteer Program. Please contact Sue if you are not currently in ministry through a Baptist Church or Baptist Care Volunteer Program


Date and Time:
Thursday 31st October

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Narwee Baptist Church

Before the event:

If there are individuals your would like to send to this training, please send a Pastoral Reference recommending
them for participation in this course to Sue Wilson at

Register by clicking here


Baptist Insurance Services - Renewal Notice

Over the next week your church will receive insurance renewal documentation, please see the notice below regarding this process.

Dear Church Leader,


A quick note to let you know that the insurance renewal documentation has been mailed and is on the way to the church. If you have not received it by the end of September, please do not hesitate to contact me to let me know.


Accompanying the insurance renewal invoice, there are some other documents which will be important to read. Of vital importance is the letter outlining the requirements for ongoing insurance cover for child sexual abuse/molestation, and the accompanying Implementation of Policies/Procedures Declaration. Please click on the links for an advance copy.


I also wanted to let you know that at insurance renewal, we are changing our property insurer. To ensure acceptance of any claims for incidents occurring up to and including 30 September 2019, please notify me as soon as possible.

Thank you for all that you do. Please do not hesitate to contact me at or 0403 615 033 if you have any questions.


Tim Williams
Manager Insurance NSW & ACT
Baptist Insurance Services


Foundations for Coaching Intensive

Have you ever thought about Coaching?

Coaching is the process of “coming alongside”. Cultivate Coaching exists to glorify God, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, to develop and equip a network of Christian coaches – people who empower others (and those they serve) to release their God-given potential.

This 2 day training course provides many immediate and ongoing opportunities to engage with the principles and practices of coaching through discussion and peer practice. It builds on the foundations for healthy coaching and mentoring discussed in the Introduction seminar, reintroduces the GROW coaching model, and gives attendees opportunities to develop and hone their coaching skills through practice. Attendees will develop intuitive listening skills, learn how to ask powerful questions, and practice helping others convert ideas to actions.

An essential component of this training includes a HeartLife profile. HeartLife gives insight into why we behave the way we do and provides opportunity to journey with God and others for continual growth and lasting transformation. This will need to be completed online between the training days

This is for you if:
– You’ve never been coached, but would like to learn
– You are an experienced leader or mentor who would like to see the people you serve, better access the gold God has entrusted to them
– You have been coached, and loved it, and want to learn to do this for others
– You want to support, encourage and motivate others to discover and do the tasks God has planned for them, through easy and hard times

Friday 25 Oct – Saturday, 26 October 2019

Ground floor of Morling Residential College (MRC)
Saunders Cl, Macquarie Park

$40 per person, group discount applies and it can form part of Continuing Ministry Development.

You must have completed Introduction to Coaching prior to attending this course.

Click here to find out more and register here

Positions Vacant - BaptistCare, Morling College, Baptist World Aid, Baptist Association


The Baptist Association is a movement of 350 local churches passionately committed to a common cause; to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, deed and sign together.

If this is your passion check out the jobs below:

Baptist Association Postions

Baptist Church Positions




Are you passionate about ending poverty? Wish your career could be your calling? Want a job that means more? 

At Baptist World Aid we long to see a world where poverty has ended and all people enjoy the fullness of life God intends. We believe that by living our faith, and loving with action, we can end poverty. Work for Baptist World Aid and use your God-given talents to be love as you serve in the name of Jesus.

Baptist World Aid is a Christian aid and development agency. The head office is located in North Ryde, Sydney. 

There are several positions currently vacant including:

  • CRM Support Officer
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Team Leader – Campaigns
  • Major Gifts Manager
  • Supporter Engagement Manager
  • Supporter Engagement Officer – Casual

Find out more or apply here




Morling is a bible college that will challenge, stretch and equip you, offering cutting-edge training in the areas of the Bible, Ministry, Theology, Evangelism, Mission, Education, Counseling, Chaplaincy and Leadership development. Become a part of the fabric that provides this rich learning opportunity.

Positions vacant include:

  • Future Student Advisor
  • Lecturer in Missiology

Find out more or apply here





BaptistCare is a leading not-for-profit Christian based care organisation that has been serving the aged and people living with disadvantage for 75 years. It support thousands of people across NSW and the ACT through more than 160 facilities and programs.

There are a broad range of careers at BaptistCare, some of the positions available include:

Find out more or apply here



Baptist Care NT is the community service arm of the Baptist Union of Churches in the Northern Territory.  It exists to express God’s love by responding to the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of people in partnership with local churches and the wider community.

The Board of Baptist Care NT is seeking to appoint a Chief Executive Officer who can embrace and give effect to the vision of the Board for the agency to be a dynamic influence in creating opportunities for people in need across the Northern Territory to live with dignity and hope and encounter God’s love in action.

Find out more or apply here