Pastoral Support and Development

Pastoral Support & DevelBA-Website-Small-Pastoralopment involves the development and implementation of strategies and approaches for building the personal and ministry effectiveness and ‘health’ of NSW and ACT Baptist pastors.

Pastoral development seeks to work strategically in providing advice, resources and training for pastors and churches in the following areas:

  • supervision and support of ministerial candidates during the period of their training, and for the first three years following accreditation. This includes personal interaction with accreditation candidates as well as developing and reviewing procedures for accreditation;
  • guidance to churches and pastors regarding the processes around pastoral placements. This involves assisting churches in pastoral searches, advising pastors on church vacancies, reviewing and updating resources and procedures for appointments;
  • resourcing development events leaders that aim to sustain the health and effectiveness of Baptist pastors in NSW and the ACT;
  • provision of pastoral care strategies and resources for Baptist pastors and their families in NSW and the ACT.

A Pastoral Advisory Group works with the Associate Director – Pastoral Development to provide strategic oversight of this area of the Baptist Association.