Baptist Essentials Online Training Course: Module 2


*Special Notice*
If you have multiple people wanting to access our online training a separate account needs to be set up for each person. Do not purchase multiple products in the cart. A separate email address is required for each new person.
Certificates will also be emailed to you as a PDF for your records. Please email the team at to request.

Please check carefully you are purchasing the correct item. It may work out better value purchasing our full package if you have multiple modules to complete as well as have access to the online authorisation form. Refunds can not be issued for wrongful purchase.

Please note our SRE Coordinator is on leave from Friday 30/04/2021 to Monday 10th May 2021- there will only be minimal attendance of the course during this time- expect delays in marking of quizzes and certificate requests fulfilled. These will addressed as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding at this time.

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SRE Essentials Training is an online course that allows new and existing SRE teachers to complete the required SRE training modules for authorisation to teach SRE in schools. It includes relevant information, interviews with professional teachers, scenes from classrooms, skits to highlight common misconceptions, and much more. The aim is to help SRE teachers fulfill their roles confidently, appropriately and with excellence whether they have been teaching many years or are just beginning.

SRE Essentials Training includes:

  • Module 1 – Teaching SRE in Government Schools
  • Module 2 – Learning and Teaching
  • Module 3 – Preparing and Delivering Lessons
  • Module 4 – Communicating in the Classroom
  • Module 5 – SRE and the Bible
  • Module 6 – Lesson Observation
  • Module 7 – Values, Code of Conduct, Duty of Care and Education Department Policies

This course takes the existing training from a dvd and workbook learning style to an integrated online experience. It is designed to give you the opportunity to reflect and develop a strong understanding of your requirements within SRE and provide handy hints and tips for best classroom practice along the way.

Each of the modules will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Module 7 allow 1-2 hours as there is more reading in this than other modules. The modules consists of videos and short quizzes or spaces for reflection. If you have any issues during training please select ‘contact teacher’ located at the top of each lessons page, contact the Baptist Ministry Centre -SRE direct number on 9868 9239 or email

Assessment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Each time you complete a lesson you will receive an automated email. You can click on the response button in your email to return to the quiz and see your results. Some responses are marked automatically but in the case of extended responses we will manually score you when we have received and read your answers. If that happens then you will receive another email with updated results. Please check below each question to see if we have left a comment. We may also ask you to re-answer a question or section if we are not satisfied your answers are correct. Please respond promptly if this is the case.

In most instances we will process your application for authorisation or renewal even if responses are not quite right but in some rare cases we may need to delay your authorisation until we are satisfied you have understood the course content.


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