Alternative Worship

In the current season of ministry different types of worship need to be the norm. However if done the right way this can be a very enriching time in the life of your church. Below are a selection of Alternative worship options that you may be able to include in the church worship.

Submissions and Suggestions
Prayer Walking

Prayer walking is an accessible and safe way to worship as an individual or in small groups. Take a stroll through your neighbourhood and pray into what you see. Give thanks to God for the people and place – all the good things that God made. Confess the areas of brokenness in your own life and that of the community. Pray for its healing and the renewal of all things. Check out this resource from the Salvation Army –

Meditative readings

Invite people to close their eyes and breathe in and out. Repeat the breathing exercise a few times and then slowly read a passage of Scripture outloud.

Guided Reflection

With a guided reflection the questions are designed to prompt worship and lead people to a greater sense of awe and wonder toward God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Write questions that help to draw people’s attention to God and express their affection to him.


Both the writing and reading of poetry can evoke worship. Listening to a well crafted poem that explores our context and condition can provide words for what people are experiencing. In the same way as a song, clever hooks and insightful phrases in a poem can spark a heart of worship.

Responsive Readings

Responsive readings enable people to speak out loud words from scripture. This helps us to declare together words of conviction, repentence, thanksgiving and hope. Consider having one side of the room read one verse and the other side of the room the second verse. Or one group of people say a particular word or phrase every time it appears (eg “I will”, “they will” in Hebrews 8:7-12 or “Rememeber” in Psalm 105)


Invite people to use their bodies and change their posture during a song. In a song which speaks of sending us out, or for the sake of the world invite people to turn and face the exit. Create opportunities for people to kneel or have open hands in prayer.

Sign Language

In gathered worship groups of any size, while there cannot be congregational / group singing, the congregation members can express themselves through learning simple sign language actions for worship songs. Auslan signs are available online and occassionaly someone teaching the key signs for the chorus of a worship song can give the opportunity for the congregation to worship in unity without using their voices.

We would love to hear alternative worship that you have used or hear of. Use the below form to send your Alternative worship ideas and we will share on this site.

Alternate Worship Contribution

Alternate Worship Contribution