Rev Jamie Long, Chair 

The Council   
The Assembly Council has included the following people in 2020. 

  • Andrew Hall  –  Epping Baptist Church 
  • Beth Jackson  –   St Ives Baptist Church 
  • Jamie Long (Chair)  –  Wyong Baptist Church 
  • Cathy Monro  –  Carlton-Kogarah Baptist Church 
  • Scott Morrison (Deputy Chair)  –   Georges River Life Church 
  • Des Ong Parramatta  –  Baptist Church 
  • Allen Sibley  –  Parramatta Baptist Church 
  • David Slinn  –  Gordon Baptist Church 
  • Jonny Lam   –  Eastwood Community Baptist Church 
  • Bill Rusin (Appointed)  –  Morling College Council, Chair 

Rev Dr Stephen Bartlett (Director of Ministries), Rev Dr Ross Clifford (Morling College Principal), and Geoff Moore (Honorary Legal Advisor) all play important roles in Assembly Council meetings. 

The Assembly Council (AC) usually meets at least 10 times a year. Like many things, AC has been very different throughout 2020. Some of our meetings have been held by Zoom, others face to face and some we have offered both options.  

The Strangeness of 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic meant that some of our work was delayed and/or put on hold. The ongoing conversation about Church Affiliation, which was due to go to an Assembly in 2020 had to be delayed to 2021. Some of the other, regular business of the AC was also disrupted. At the same time, many of the ongoing Governance requirements of the Association continued and needed to be worked through as usual.   

Behind the Scenes  
In some ways, groups like the Assembly Council are like bones in a body, important for strength, stability and movement but if they are too visible there is a problem. The Assembly Council does most of its work behind the scenes. Our Association staff team led by Steve Bartlett is on the front line of supporting local churches.  Steve continues to be an excellent Director of Ministries who provides fruitful and servant hearted leadership to our Association. I know many leaders are grateful for the extra support provided by the Association team, as they have helped churches navigate the quickly changing COVID-19 environment.  

Many people across the Association continue to serve in various groups and committees in a voluntary capacity, giving many hours each year.  Whatever structures, committees and teams there might be, all desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Of particular note, AC would like to mention Rev Kel Willis who this year, stood down from his role as Chair of the Morling College Council. In this capacity, Kel has been part of the Assembly Council (or its equivalent) for approximately 25 years. Only the Lord knows how many hours that equates to.  The Assembly Council is grateful to Kel and for his remarkable service over many years.  

The Assembly Council has continued to be well served by our Secretary,Shelley Cattell (Northside Baptist Church). The role of Secretary is often not seen but is vital.  

2020 has reminded us that we cannot see what the future holds - we are not in control and how much we need God! As we move into (hopefully) a post-COVID-19 world, things will probably not just snap back to “normal” for so many of our churches which is both good and bad. Assembly Council is committed to continue working with all serving the Lord in our movement to, in God’s strength, face the challenges and opportunities of our times.  

On mission together in Jesus’ name. 

Rev Jamie Long, Chair 

The Nominations Committee is tasked with finding suitable candidates for the Assembly Council, the Committee for the Ministry and some of the other boards in our Association. In 2020, the members of the committee have included Dr. Alan Rice, Rev Andrew Hall, Rev Jamie Long (Chair) and Rev Dr. Steve Bartlett, our Director of Ministries.  COVID-19 and the associated limitations has meant the committee’s work was disrupted. Even during “normal times” it’s not always easy to find the right people for the roles that need to be filled. Even so, we are grateful to God that He does lead and provide and that over the past year quality people have been willing to serve in or be nominated for various roles.