David Evans (Secretary) and Paul Holding (Chair) 

The Baptist Property Trust fulfils an important role in our churches as it has been the registered owner of most Baptist church properties since 1984. This is necessary because the state government Land & Property Information department does not recognise a Baptist Church for purposes of property ownership. The Property Trust is also the trustee of a number of denominational trust funds.   

Members of the Baptist Property Trust have a range of business expertise essential to its operation, and are elected by the Assembly for terms of three years on a rotating basis. Mr Geoff Moore was elected by Assembly in May 2019 to fill a vacancy on the property trust following the retirement of Mr Alan Soden.   

The members of the Trust during the past year, and their attendance at meetings, have been Mr Graham Jones (Northside) 3/7, Mr Paul Holding (Burwood) 4/7, Mr David Evans (West Ryde) 7/7, Mr Richard Brading (Hornsby) 7/7, Mr Geoff Moore (Narwee) 6/7, Mr Cameron Phipps (West Ryde) 6/7, and Mr Mike Williams (Northside) 4/7. In addition, a member of the Trust has met with our solicitor on 35 occasions to execute 95 documents on behalf of 57 churches.   

Funds held by the Property Trust as at 30 April, 2020 amounted to $1,456,293 and a further $9,763,412 was held for churches in other investments.   

The Solicitors for the Property Trust since its inception have been Messrs Church & Grace and we acknowledge the work of Partner Mr Jim Creech, who ensures that all documents to be executed have been properly authorised by the churches.  

Church & Grace hold church title deeds for most of our churches in safe custody on our behalf, except those held as security by various lending bodies.