Practical Support for transitioning from COVID-19

Throughout this ever-changing COVID season we have been directing churches and church leaders to the Cycle of Discovery process as a way to reflect and thoughtfully make decisions. We are aware that the self-guided nature of the Cycle of Discovery process has made it hard for some to engage. We are aware that there are many different ways to process this, especially during isolation. So we have curated these services and opportunities to help you as seek to grow personally/professionally during this season. 



What are the developmental Services or Opportunities available?

– New Church Paradigm
– reDISCOVER Church
– Church Consultancy
– Personal Coaching


  • New Church Paradigm
    • In response to the growing dissatisfaction and desire of churches to have a greater impact in seeing lives transformed, this is a strategy to assist church leadership teams and their congregations to work towards God’s awesome plan for his church in this generation. GWFC is fully committed to resourcing this strategy in partnership with the local church. For more information click here.
  • reDISCOVER Church – Coaching Clusters
    • We are living through a global pandemic that is changing the way people and institutions inhabit the world. COVID-19 has forced the church to examine all its activities and reimagine new ways to be the people of God in this generation. reDISCOVER CHURCH is a 4-session coaching cluster for leaders who want to work together through the Cycle of Discovery with the support of trained coaches. For more information view the reDISCOVER Church flyer here. It is for those who want to see an extraordinary mission-shaped movement of God:
      • Transforming, healthy communities
      • Raising and empowering Kingdom-focused leadership
      • Reproducing disciples, groups and congregations
      • Impacting our society culture and world
  • Church Consultancy
    • A Church Consultancy is an intentional process in which a church leadership enters into an agreement with trained and approved consultants, with the commitment of working together for the benefit of the local Church.
      There are a number of different types of consultancies available to Churches through the consultancy ministry. These include:
      • Preventative-Proactive
      • Conflicted Congregation (Crisis Intervention)
      • Church Planting
      • Moral Failure (Crisis Intervention)
      • Intentional Church Review (between pastoral settlements)
      • Team – Leadership Review and/or Pastoral Team Review
  • Personal Coaching
    • Imagine if you had easy access to a skilled Christian coach to bounce ideas off, get encouragement and support, maintain accountability under pressure, process ideas and strategies with, and stay on track to love and work under God’s direction?
    • Imagine knowing how to build up a group of people to…
      • Become more confident in God’s plan for you and your ministry
      • Learn to better manage yourself, teams, and your team’s time
      • Improve your communication and relationships
      • Become more focused and organised at work and in ministry
      • Be more present and attentive at home and at church


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