Guiding your church through a post-covid reflective process

The process of returning to a new normal after the changes experienced through ministry in COVID-19 is a watershed season most of us may only experience once in our ministry lives. Which provides opportunity to significantly pivot our church’s programme and life for a new reality.  We encourage you to discern it carefully – what to continue, what to stop, what to start. As a part of this process we recognise that there is a need to bring the whole church into the space of discerning the new shape of church life post COVID-19. 

Below are some key resources developed by pastors within our movement that are helping them work through the discernment process with their whole church. They have graciously provided these resources to help guide and encourage you as you work out the best way to undertake this in your local context. – (more resources are coming soon!)

Scott Morrison, senior pastor at Georges River Life Church and Deputy Chair of our Assembly Council, around engaging the whole church in  discerning the new shape of church life post COVID.

These documents include a Small Group Discussion invitation for church member, Post-COVID Reflection Questions for disucssion hosts & a Note Takers Guide to capturing the reflection question responses.