How do we lead in times of crisis?


How do we lead in times of crisis?  Here are five tasks leaders and leadership teams can engage with as they seek to lead and navigate this unprecedented time of crisis and uncertainty.   


Five Tasks in Times of Crisis & Transition:

  1. Coming to terms with the current reality
  • Questions to ask:
    1. What has changed?
    2. What are the challenges?
    3. What has been lost?
  • Realities to acknowledge:
    1. Loss & grief are the dominant feelings right now – these need to be acknowledged – things won’t be the same anymore and lament is valid at this time.
  1. Examine Leadership and current needs
  • Questions to ask:
    1. What kind of leadership does my church need now?
    2. What are my leadership gaps and what do I need to learn?
    3. How have needs changed, what new needs are emerging?
  • Realities to acknowledge:
    1. The way we used to lead has changed, so too has the priorities
  1. Engage with the broader Baptist movement, faith and local community
  • Questions to ask:
    1. Am I staying up to do date with the latest information?
    2. Am I intentionally communicating and ensuring no one is falling through the cracks?
    3. How am I maintaining, building and creating community and connection in a season of isolation?
  • Realities to acknowledge:
    1. It is my responsibility to stay engaged with others and up to date with information, failure to do so will result in isolation and miscommunication.
  1. Rediscover a new sense of identity
  • Questions to ask:
    1. What am I learning about being and leading the church?
    2. How is my identity and faith in Christ sustaining me in these anxious and uncertain times?
    3. Am I listening to God’s voice and what is the Spirit birthing anew in me?
  • Realities to acknowledge:
    1. God will not leave me or forsake me, and who I am in Christ is more important than who the world says I am or demands me to be.
  1. Prepare for a new season
  • Questions to ask:
    1. Will I lead into a new future or will I fall back and revert to the way things used to be?
    2. What has stopped (programs, ministries etc.) that do not need to restart and what new things have started that need to continue?
    3. How has this current season reshaped our vision of the church that Jesus calls us to be?
  • Realities to acknowledge:
    • This current season will not last, we have an opportunity to emerge from this crisis as new resilient, leaders and churches.

    Four Aspects of Good Leadership in Times of Crisis & Transition:

    1. Truth Telling
    2. Justice Seeking
    3. Grace Giving
    4. Peace Making