Linnah Hahn, Outgoing Director 

It was announced at the October Annual Assembly that, in consultation with the Association Leadership Team and Women2Women Executive, and after much prayer and reflection, it was determined it was time for the chapter of women’s ministry known as Women2Women to come to a close.    

Concluding a ministry includes distributing the resources which remain while honouring the purpose of the original work.  To that end, all administrative resources have been left in the hands of the Association Leadership Team.  This includes: a list of Key Relationships comprised of State, National and International Baptist Women Leaders; Organizational Memberships such as National Council of Women and Australian Church Women; and a Discussion paper with the Role and Responsibilities for the Leader of Baptist Women, providing framework for the possibility of a purposefully feminine directed leadership and influence into the future. 

Several years ago, w2w was the recipient of a generous bequest.  In keeping with the intent of the legacy of that gift, the finances were distributed for the support of individual women through:  

  • The Baptist Women of the Pacific for a Scholarship for a young leader 
  • GIA to support a Field missionary  
  • Morling for 2 one-off leadership scholarships.   


Further portions went to:  

  • The new Time-Out Retreat Ministry in the Hunter Region led by Sue Cosgrove.   
  • The Association to support women-directed ministry/leadership. 

Thank you goes to the closing w2w Executive team: Sue Cosgrove, Glenys White, and Joy Arnold, who worked so hard in this process.  Acknowledgements also go to Rae Goth and Shirley Moore for their service. And we remember Pam Robertson and Olive Edmonstone who served faithfully through the years. 

Finally, thank you to Steve Bartlett, Grae McWhirter, and Ian Altman, all of whom gave wise and generous counsel in this process.