The Voice Referendum Discussion Resources

As Christians we are called to seek justice (Micah 6:8). We pray that these resources help you to discover Jesus’ voice as you consider the upcoming Voice Referendum.


What Baptist Churches are Doing


Table Conversation - Canberra Baptist

Canberra Baptist Church used the Together, Yes Conversation Resource.

They also promoted the Table Talk Coversation Guide by Common Grace and Tearfund Australia.

Podcast - Gymea Baptist Church

Gymea Baptist Church’s Senior Pastor Marc Rader has made his sermon available on what it means for us as Christians to engage with the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Resource Page - Thornleigh Baptist Church

Thornleigh Baptist Church has provided their church with a page on their website linking to resources on the topic.

Book Club - Canberra Baptist Church

Canberra Baptist Church hosted a book club discussing The Voice to Parliament Handbook by Thomas Mayor & Kerry O’Brien.

Seminars - H3O Church

H3O Church hosted a series of online seminars where they asked an Indigenous christian leader to speak.

What Indigenous People are Saying


Surrender 2023 Panel

Listen to a panel share the importance of a Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The panel includes Aunty Patricia Anderson, Lucy Davis, Safina Stewart, and Larissa Minniecon, and is hosted by Te Raina Watego.

Listen to the Heart

Common Grace has information on various justice issues including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice and The Voice.

Recognise a Better Way

Recognise a Better Way presents an alternative solution to the proposed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Australian Constitution.

Mark Yettica-Paulson

Indigenous leader Mark Yettica-Paulson has shared his views in a short video.

Baptist Resources


A Just Cause

A Just Cause has a landing page with links and resources to help Baptist churches play a constructive role in public discussion around The Voice.

Baptist Mission Australia

Baptist Mission Australia supports a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament. They have written a statement and collated a list of resources.

Baptist World Aid Australia

Baptist World Aid Australia has written an article in support of The Voice.

BaptistCare Australia

BaptistCare has published an open letter to all Federal Parliamentarians calling them to support The Voice.

Baptist Union of Victoria

The BUV has developed a Resource Pack to help reflect indvidually and collectively on God’s heart for The Voice.

Quick Access Guide (CALD)

The Baptist Union of Victoria has put together a simple Q&A document on The Voice, including links to the Uluru Statement from the Heart in different langauges.

Tim Costello

Tim Costello, former president of the Baptist Union of Australia, has writen an article/open letter to churches on The Voice in context.

Dale Stephenson

Dale Stephenson, Senior Pastor of Crossway Baptist in Victoria, has shared his journey of understanding Indigenous history on the Australians Together website.

With All Due Respect

The WADR Project has categorised responses from Christian to The Voice. The WADR Project is co-written by Megan Powell du Toit, Baptist Minister, and Michael Jensen, Anglican Minister.

Official Resources


Uluru Statement From The Heart

The Uluru Statement from the Heart came out of extensive Regional Dialogues and the National First Nations Constitutional Convention at Uluru, It is addressed to the Australian people and invites the nation to create a better future via the proposal of three key reforms.

AEC Referendum Booklet

The official referendum booklet contains the Yes and No cases prepared by parliamentarians who voted for and against the proposed law.

The booklet also provides information from the AEC on where to vote, what happens at the polling place, and what the ballot paper looks like.

Indigenous Voice Co-design Process Final Report

The Indigenous Voice Co-design Process Final Report was provided to the Australian Government in late July 2021. It sets out a structure of Local & Regional Voices and a National Voice.

Community Toolkit

The community toolkit provides resources to explain The Voice and the referendum, including videos, posters, fact sheets, templates and more.