SRE 2019-2020 Authorisation Form

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  • SRE Authorisation/ Renewal

    Please take your time to complete the following form and answer all questions correctly and honestly. Most of this form is preset responses for easy completion. At the end of the form there will be two places requiring signatures. Yours and your supporting pastor. Please complete all the form click submit then print off a copy, sign, scan and keep one on record at your church and a copy sent to our SRE email address.
  • Please click on the drop down list and choose one of the following options
  • Must include last name- this is what appears on your authorisation card.
  • This is needed for Working With Children Check verification
    By ticking this box you are agreeing with the following declaration: declare that I do not have a criminal conviction for * a crime against a minor * violence * assault or * providing prohibited drugs Should my status as a prohibited person change, I commit to notifying my Authorising Church who will be required to inform the Baptist Association.