SRE Training

Initial Training

SRE Essential Training must be covered and is based on the agreed framework as set out by ICCOREIS NSW Inc (for further information please click here: ICCOEREIS Training and Training Framework). This covers the context of SRE, Code of Conduct, Classroom Management, Curriculum (age appropriate and using technology) and the NSW Department of Education policies (including Code of Conduct, Social Media Policy and Controversial Issues in School Policy).

Ongoing Training

All people engaged in SRE need to undergo training that covers the context of SRE, Child Protection and Classroom Management. Some of the training requirements are dependent on the role a person has within SRE. All SRE roles involve some kind of initial and ongoing training and can be completed in a couple of different modes of delivery. Child Protection training requirements are currently met by undertaking Creating Safe Spaces through the Baptist Association. This involves completing an online module and face to face training and is required to be renewed every three years. For further information please click on the button below.

Training Events

For access to ongoing training opportunities, please check out these by clicking here: SRE Events page. Ongoing training covers general issues related to teaching and modern education, as well as SRE specific training and Classroom Management.

Employed High School SRE Teacher Training

Paid SRE High School Teachers are currently required to complete certificate level training through Morling College which covers the SRE Essentials Training. For further information please click here: SRE Training offered through Morling