As a team, we have been working very hard to transition all the old content from the Baptist Association website for SRE to the new website before it went live. The new website will be going live soon and we will be endeavouring to ensure that the new content meets the new guidelines for SRE that come into effect 31st October 2018. So when you are looking for information or clicking on links, some things may still be missing or the links not working until the website is no longer under construction.

You will notice on the new website that there has been a complete restructure to the SRE page. There is still a home page that contains links to all our information, however we have simplified the categories from nine to seven. These categories include SRE Information, SRE Training, SRE Curriculum, SRE Authorisation, SRE News, SRE Shop and SRE Information for schools. We will be aiming to have the website fully working and operational by the end of August.