SYC21 Church Registration

Hey Youth Pastor/Coordinators, this is the place to register your youth group to come along to SYC21! Friday 17th Sept - Monday 20th Sept 2021 We are so excited to have you join us! Once this form is completed you will receive regular updates from us with key info, so make sure you put your best contact info on here! Individual tickets for your youth and leaders will go on sale in May, so don't stress about numbers etc. at this stage. This is just the first layer of registration that helps us prepare to have you at SYC! If you have any questions please contact Sarah Alarcon via email stateyouthcamp@nswactbaptists.org.au

    Tell us all about your youth!

    Tell us about you!
  • PAYMENT CHOICES - You can only pick one option for your whole youth group!

    Each person coming to camp will be required to purchase a ticket (stay tuned for more info in May regarding prices, and how to get your tickets) When it comes to the payment for tickets we have created 2 options so you can choose the option that will work best for your youth group and their families. If you have any questions about the registration process, please don't hesitate to email Sarah.
  • Option 1: Pay Online

    This means your youth pay online via credit card at the time of registering for their ticket. (this option is good if you would like your youth/parents to manage the payment)
  • Option 2: Pay to Church

    This means when youth register for their tickets they will not have to pay straight away. You can then collect all of the money from your group and SYC will invoice your church for the total cost of your group during the week of camp. (this option is good if you would like to either subsidise the cost of tickets for your young people by fundraising in your church or charge extra to cover transport costs)
  • Password

    So that we can set up your group in our online ticketing system we need you to select 2 passwords. They cannot be the same and must be more than 5 characters long. The first password is for you to give to your youth group and youth leaders to register themselves and get their tickets as part of your church group. The second password is for you to login to your group info (so you can see who has registered, and print out all the youth info you need for safety etc) *Password must be more than 5 characters long