SRE Authorisation Form 2021

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  • SRE Authorisation/ Renewal- 18's +

    Please take your time to complete the following form and answer all questions correctly and honestly. If you have been authorised in the past you will notice some changes in the type of information we are now capturing and recording. Due to increasing compliance expectations both externally through parties like insurance, The Office of the Children's Guardian , Department of Education Department as well as from the Baptist Association's policies and procedures for volunteers and staff, we are now required to complete additional criteria to what you may have had to do in the past . We thank you in advance for your understanding in helping comply with these new requirements. Most of this form has preset responses for easy completion. At the end of the form there will be two places requiring signatures- yours and your supporting pastor. Please complete all the form then click submit . You will then receive an email with a summary of your form. Print off a copy, sign, scan and keep one on record at your church and a copy sent to our SRE email address. Please note if you are under 18 seeking authorisation to be a helper in a school, please don not complete this form. Contact our office as we have a separate form for you to complete. If anything on this form raises questions or concerns please contact Shelley Ashton SRE Coordinator for the Baptist Association on 98689239 before submitting the form.