The NSW & ACT Baptist Association is a movement of more than 340 congregations committed to voluntarily serving together with a common purpose, values, vision and goal.

More than 43,000 people make up the Baptist family across the state and the nation’s capital. The Baptist movement of churches is the largest Protestant movement in the world.

By working together our movement of churches inspires greater accountability of ministry leaders, harnesses a greater potential to impact the world around us and provides a more professional and influential response to key issues that affect Baptist churches and our community.

This combined expression also allows for support and development services to be accessed by all member churches, church leaders and attendees. Our belief is that we can have a greater positive impact on the world around us when we partner together.

We see a movement of transforming, healthy communities

  • Embracing faith and risk in a life of authentic discipleship
  • Transforming lives in the power of Christ
  • A culture of disciple making being normal and expected
  • Diverse in expression and ministry yet united in purpose, values and foundational beliefs
We see a movement raising and empowering Kingdom-focused leadershipA culture of leadership development across our movement

  • Ample mature leadership to allow our churches, groups and new ministries to flourish
  • Healthy pastors and leaders serving our churches and groups with sustained vitality
  • Leaders equipped and supported for their roles in the broader community
We see an extraordinary mission shaped movement of God across our churches and affiliated groups

  • Proclaiming and demonstrating Christ’s love in holistic, culturally appropriate global engagement
  • Growing faster than population growth to a movement of 1000 healthy churches in a generation
  • Support and involvement in church planting and pioneering work being normal
  • Mutual support and partnership between our churches, the Association of Churches and its affiliated groups
We see a movement impacting our society, culture and world

  • Cultivating significant positive societal change
  • Asserting a prophetic voice, bringing Kingdom values into the public square
  • Advocating for and aiding the vulnerable, voiceless and oppressed

A Common Cause

Our Common Values

Our Common Beliefs

Our Common Goal

Our Common Purpose

Our Common Vision