The role of SRE has changed considerably in recent years. We are no longer have permission to evangelise or proselytize. SRE is to have an education focus. With this in mind it is important to see that SRE still has great benefits for students.

  • SRE provides opportunities for children to explore the ‘big’ issues: life, death, purpose
  • SRE teachers are generally passionate volunteers, motivated out of deep conviction and foundational values. They are loving and respectful- good people for children to spend time with
  • SRE gives children a chance to explore the Christian values and ethos on which much of Australian society was built.
  • A knowledge of Bible stories enriches understanding of English language, art and literature.
  • The words of the Bible are known to bring comfort and challenge. They are heard at Anzac Day services, funerals and weddings. SRE is one of the few places that children systematically encounter the BIble.
  • SRE gives children tools to use in times of crisis. This builds resilience.
  • Most parents want their children to be in  a position to choose whether or not they will live by faith when they are old enough to decide. SRE gives children a good overview of basic beliefs to help them decide if you want to be a person of faith.