The common core beliefs, purpose, values, vision and goal guide the Association as a whole to greatly impact the world around us as we join in ministry together. This commonality allows for focused effort, resources, prayer and practice in ministry which in turn gives the member churches:
The primary result of association is the relational connection that it nurtures. As a church, pastor or church leader you are part of a group of brothers and sisters who stand with you and your ministry. We learn from each other and experience broader community through our association with each other
The Association provides benefits in the form of skills, resources and relationships that contribute to the health and effectiveness of all member churches and affiliated groups. The Association is built on the natural give and take of interdependent relationships and provides economies of scale in many ministry areas.
The commonality across NSW & ACT allows for an amplified impact locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in a way that could not be achieved by a single church. Affiliated groups, through the Association, have contributed to international mission, local community aid and development, international aid and development, political and corporate gospel influence and much more.
Partnering together allows for greater support and development opportunities in almost all key areas including youth, children and family, administration, leadership and many others.

This support and development draws on expertise that many churches would not normally have access to and reduces duplication of tasks and workload in many churches. These combined resources cover many of the more technical areas of ministry such as human resources, taxation, licencing, standards, OHS and much more!

Association activities also provide security and assurance across many areas including insurance for churches and ministries, affiliation processes, accreditation and recognition of ministers, assistance in creating safe churches and ministries and support during difficult times in church life.