The process of affiliation aims to recognise and affirm churches seeking to partner with the Baptist Association of Churches in NSW & ACT in the work of the Kingdom. It is dependent on theological, governance and standards benchmarks and mutual commitment to fellow Baptist churches and groups.

Affiliation is not about what you can get, it is a partnership that allows you to be GREATER in carrying out God’s call on your ministry.

GREATER in your Kingdom impact
It is the combined work of Baptists across our movement that has led to the establishment of:

  • A global mission network – Global Interaction
  • A church planting movement
  • Urban mission and justice groups – BaptistCare HopeStreet, A Just Cause
  • A world class Bible college – Morling College
  • Quality leadership training and development services
  • And much, much more!

None of these could have happened without the contributions of churches to a common cause and a belief that we can make a greater impact for the kingdom of God together.

GREATER in your efficiency
The Association is greater than the sum of its parts. By working together, the Baptist Association makes your contribution work harder and achieve more than it could possibly do by itself. More life changing, ministry growing, kingdom expanding work. Economies of scale allow for even greater impact to be seen from your contribution.

An example of these economies of scale at work is the collective insurance coverage of the Association. The level of insurance and the price each church pays are exceptionally good – the savings alone can be greater than a church’s contribution. This same practical benefit of working together is duplicated countless times and often at no additional cost to your church community.

GREATER in your ability to focus on ministry
Hundreds to thousands of hours every year are spent on your behalf negotiating, submitting applications, lobbying and investigating. Everything from influencing political policy to speaking out for the vulnerable in your communities; from advocating on your behalf with government, to providing you with tools and information to keep the wheels turning. This allows you to focus on the things you are passionate about – building community, discipling, caring for people and impacting your community. Your contribution helps us take away the distractions and keep you focused.
GREATER in your depth of community
You are part of something greater, made up of great churches and great people. Your affiliation with the Association allows us to help you connect with a broader range of gospel partners, to meet leaders, teachers, disciples and many others. The Baptist Association runs training, events and gatherings that are wholly dedicated to supporting, encouraging and connecting YOU!

Practical Affiliation Benefits

The key practical benefits of partnership to your church also include:

You, your church and its leadership receive support in many areas of church life including administration, leadership, pastoral care, ministry standards, insurance and more. You also have access to a detailed development network that provides workshops, conferences and more at a discounted rate. The Association also helps your church process conflict and help you to assess next steps in ministry.
The Association administrates and provides ongoing professional development to help ensure our churches are led by pastors who themselves are growing; as well as providing them with a network of peers to exchange ideas, experiences and friendship with. All accredited pastors have been through a rigorous process of evaluation before they are accepted, helping ensure that churches have safe, biblically sound pastors.
Through Assembly and other forums your church has a voice into the direction of the broader movement, allowing you to share your ideas and passions to a wider audience with greater resources. You are also welcome to be involved in various taskforces and teams that work toward shaping policy, frameworks and resources for the Association.
Partnership with the Association gives you broad access to the resources of world class ministry organisations such as Morling College, Baptist World Aid, Global Interaction, BaptistCare, Bedford College and Baptist Financial Services.
Find out how you can get connected with the Association and the many services it offers your church community.

The Baptist Association needs your church to financially invest in this wider Kingdom work and partnership. Churches are asked to contribute 5% or more of their total annual income to expand their impact through the Association.