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Continuing Ministerial Development

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) is the name of the development process designed to ensure ministers Accredited and Recognised by the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT meet relevant government and Association compliance requirements. CMD seeks to ensure a basic level of ongoing development in Accredited and Recognised ministers and the safety of those in our church communities, whilst providing the opportunity for ministers to process and reflect on the many ways in which God is continuing to grow, stretch and use them in the building of his kingdom.

The CMD process must be completed by all Accredited and Recognised ministers each year, before the end of March. Please refer to the CMD Guidelines document for further information. Questions can be directed to cmd@nswactbaptists.org.au.

Marriage Celebrant Licences

Marriage licences are available to those who are Accredited or Recognised (or an approved Candidate). Interested ministers must first complete Prepare Enrich training and must attend the Marriage Celebrant Workshop before applying.

Speak to the CMD Administrator for more information and to apply at cmd@nswactbaptists.org.au.

Pastoral Supervision

Those in the first 3 years of Accreditation and Recognition are required to participate in mandatory pastoral supervision of at least 6 sessions per year. The Association is able to reimburse up to $300 each year for accredited ministers undertaking mandatory pastoral supervision. The easiest way to claim this reimbursement is to collect 6 supervision receipts during the year and submit all 6 at once using this form.

Outside of these 3 years, pastoral supervision is not required, however, it is certainly recommended. No reimbursement can be provided outside of these 3 years, and nor can it be provided for Recognised Ministers.

Speak to the CMD Administrator to request access to the list of Pastoral Supervisors that are approved by the Association

Upcoming Events

Advanced Creating Safe Spaces – Various dates in July and August. Advanced CSS is only required once, but a refresher is always helpful.

Marriage Celebrant Workshop – 1st August, 1-4pm via zoom. This course is required for those seeking a marriage licence and again as a refresher every 3 years for those who hold a marriage licence.

For those in their first year following Accreditation

    • Leadership Incubator #1 – 2nd May, 9-4 at the MALC
    • Leadership Incubator #2 – 14th November, 9-4 at the MALC

For those in their second year following Accreditation, 9-4 at the MALC

    • Leadership Incubator #3 – 6th June 9-4 at the MALC

Resources & Documents

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