Pastoral Hiring Support

Pastoral Hiring Support

The process of making new pastoral leadership appointments is complex as each church in the Baptist Association is autonomous with regard to pastoral appointments and how they select a new minister. We have created a document with a recommended process for Managing the Call, to assist Baptist Churches in NSW & ACT. While the processes outlined in this document are not mandated as the only pattern for a pastoral search, they have been carefully tested over time, and are under constant review in our rapidly evolving culture. 

The processes outlined here have been developed in an effort to assist churches based upon sound biblical principles, broad practice among our churches and experience gained by Baptist Association leaders as they have worked with a variety of churches in diverse settings.

Please note that the standard processes described here are essentially applicable to calling Solo Pastors, Senior Pastors and Team Leaders. Many of the principles would be the same for calling other team members like Associate Pastors or specialised team members. More information and advice on calling team members when a Senior Pastor is already in place can be gained from the Baptist Ministry Team.

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