Structure and Governance

Structure & Governance

The Association

The primary mission of the Association is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ through a multifaceted approach encompassing word, deed, and sign. We achieve this through interconnected partnerships by:

  • Cultivating fellowship and collaboration among our members, affiliated churches, and associated groups.
  • Facilitating the provision of essential resources for the growth and well-being of churches, pastors, and other church leaders.
  • Establishing and maintaining dedicated places of worship to facilitate effective ministry and mission endeavors.
  • Providing comprehensive education, training, and accreditation opportunities for Baptist ministers.
  • Promoting collaborative ministries, projects, and missional activities both locally in NSW, the ACT, and globally.
  • Articulating a collective voice on behalf of the Baptist movement in NSW, the ACT, and worldwide.
  • Encouraging the public worship of God in alignment with our foundational beliefs.

Through these concerted efforts, we strive to fulfill our mandate to spread the message of hope, love, and redemption to all corners of the earth.

The Assembly

Assembly is the focal point where our Association convenes to honour, rejoice, and seek divine guidance for our collective journey. During Assembly, we fulfill pivotal roles:

  • Serving as the ultimate decision-making authority in the Association’s affairs,
  • Electing competent individuals to pivotal roles within the Association,
  • Forming affiliations with churches and groups, and accrediting ministers,
  • Receiving reports and managing procedural matters, including committee appointments based on determined terms,
  • Delegating authority as outlined in our constitution or taking necessary direct action,
  • Functioning as a platform for exhortation, encouragement, and envisioning.

This is where our unity and purpose find their expression, driving us forward in our shared mission.

Assembly Council

The Assembly Council is made up of people representing a variety of Baptist Churches and ministries. Each member is appointed for a three year term at an Annual Assembly. 

The Assembly Council usually meets eight times a year, on the second Tuesday of the month to oversee the business of the Association and ensure decisions made at Assemblies are acted upon. Matters that the Assembly Council oversees include; Minutes from the Standing Committees of the Baptist Churches, Financial reports and other various administrative and pastoral matters.

As of March 2024, the Assembly Council consists of:

  • Allen Sibley (Chair) – Parramatta Baptist Church
  • Mark Azzi (Deputy Chair) – Guildford Arabic Baptist Church
  • Allyson Beddoe (Deputy Chair) – Kiama Baptist Church
  • Dr Catherine Casey – Parramatta Baptist Church
  • Dr Omar Djoeandy – Caringbah Baptist Church
  • Rev Angelo Gratsounas – Narwee Baptist Church
  • Rev Matthew J Kennedy – Islington Baptist Church
  • Matthew W Kennedy – Parkes Baptist Church
  • Rev Jamie Long – Epping Baptist Church
  • Dr Edwina Murphy – Blakehurst Baptist Church
  • Vicki Sherry – Gymea Baptist Church
  • David Slinn – Gordon Baptist Church

Should you wish to contact the Assembly Council or any of its members please email the Secretary to the Assembly Council using the link below.

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