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Ministry Standards

The Baptist Churches of NSW/ACT and its affiliated churches have had a strong focus on protecting children and vulnerable adults for many decades. Our comprehensive church based Creating Safe Spaces training began in 2003 and in 2012 the Baptist Association created a dedicated Ministry Standards Team. This vitally important work continues to be a high priority for our churches as together we seek to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word, sign and deed.

The Ministry Standards Team have a range of responsibilities including:

  • Supporting and resourcing local churches to foster safe church culture through appropriate systems, policy and procedures.
  • Providing urgent reporting advice to church leaders via our Ministry Standards Hotline – 1300 647 780.
  • Coordination of the Creating Safe Spaces safe church training program.
  • Administering the Safe Church Health Check audit tool to assist local churches ensure they are complying with the Child Safe Standards and other relevant legislation.
  • Serving the Pastoral Standards Committee as they respond to complaints of serious misconduct against Pastors who have been affirmed by the Batist Association as Accredited or Recognised Ministers.
  • Supporting local churches as they respond to historic complaints made via the National Redress Scheme or via common law legal claims.
  • Providing case management assistance and training to local church leaders as they undertake risk management processes for any known Persons of Concern.
  • In conjunction with Baptist Insurance, providing training and resources to local church leaders to assist them fulfil their Workplace Health & Safety responsibilities.
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